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  1. One World Trade Center

    Looks very nice and stuff, but such a Shame with no...... NO MAXIS NITE VERSION THIS TIME GUYS.
  2. Other parts of Downs 8

    THe 2nd largest part, with the Liberty Tower of Sim nation.
  3. Other parts of Downs 7

    one of the newest parts of the city
  4. Other parts of Downs 6

    The poorer parts of the City
  5. Other parts of Downs 5

    Sim nation largest School, Sim national University
  6. Other parts of Downs 4

    Central Park
  7. Other parts of Downs 3

    National Capital and Parliament...
  8. Other parts of Downs 2

    City Hall
  9. Other parts of Downs

    The downtown Church...
  10. Night

    Night time in Downs...
  11. The OLAFA

    The Area around Downs... The Region has 26 cities with over 100K Pop, 24 cities over 200K Pop, 5 cities over 500K Pop, and downs with over 1 million....
  12. DownTown Downs

    Downtown Downs, The heart and capital of Sim nation and the OLAFA Zone, with a population over 1.0 million, it connected with other larger cities beside it, and the skylines of all the cities connected into kilometers of buildings...
  13. Forest Air

    We can I find this in Game, I am having issues with that.