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  1. Row Houses

    These look great as a born and bred ny'er I love them! my only criticism is that in the maxisnite versions only half a building is showing up!
  2. New Orleans

    yes please upload the .sc4m file! I really want to use this map!
  3. CS$$$ Job Doubler

    how will this interact in cities where CAM is being used?
  4. Cities XL...Scared

    Originally posted by: gspang4207 So you two have played the game in German? How was it? Oh yea, respond back in German then, since you can do without an English version.quote> that was pretty rude dude, c'mon now I just want to know, when the citiesXL is finally released will those of us who speak german or french in the states be able to obtain it too?
  5. Modern Walk-Ups

    noiiiiiiiice!!! I agree with spa's comment
  6. Low Wealth Rowhomes

    thank you for making our cities more realistic! I love it!
  7. Wagner and Diehl

    beautiful building, I agree more buildings in this style need to be made!!! good work mayne!
  8. NDEX Citibank Tower by Superstar

    looks very nice but i'm getting a brown box too and I have the deluxe edition..I dunno what it is but keep making good buildings man!
  9. Woodbridge Courts

    I like your buildings, they're true to the bx and surrounding areas. This one reminds me of some of the buildings in between riverdale avenue and south broadway in yonkers, keep up the good work!!!
  10. 333 E. Chicago

  11. New Orleans