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  1. There is an error with the Trade Depot and the Trade Port as well. I am only able to use just one extra storage lot.
  2. As stated in the title my trade depot is only allowing me to have one lot. It's saying that there is 4 of 4 which I know is not the case (there is only 2, the freight lot and ore (in this case)). I am updated to Version 8 and I am also on a new map that came with the update. Does anyone else have this issue? Anything I can do to fix this issue! Thanks in advance! Gmonster
  3. Monster keeps coming back in infinite loop

    Yes it is the red one. Comes back like a troll. I will try what you said and let you know the results.
  4. I am playing one of my cities and I keep getting a monster that keeps coming as soon as it is dead. I have exited Sim City, went to a different city, nothing seems to work. I have seen this monster 7 times back to back. Does anyone have this issue happening to them?
  5. I say bring back the military option and make it better too.
  6. You need to update your mods as well.
  7. Unfortunately

    I am just waiting for Sim City and the Sim coming together. Where you have the city builders on one hand and the the people playing in the city on another...
  8. Gotcha. Adding you today I haven't got yours either lol I been waiting!!!
  9. Ha, that is something I can damn near do in a day
  10. Been looking for someone like you to play with my friends that I do at home I don't think have the full concept. I am a power play and I love to send money when I have it. GillyMoMo on Origin
  11. Anyone w/ 500k+ Population Cities?

    Looks like you are using a bigger "grid" structure than I do. I am sure If I made mine bigger I could get that myself. Time to start experimenting.
  12. Show Us Your Skylines

    I don't post much but I felt the need to share some of my cities here . Not as pretty as some of you but I think it's worth sharing.