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  1. Reddit is speculating day/night cycle, entertainment tweaks and brothels.
  2. Does anyone else find this thread a little strange? SC4 has been out for a decade+ and here we are discussing whether the 1 month old v1.0.7 can take the throne. There are good points from both perspectives. That alone tells me the C:S already has.
  3. Heh. Never seen canola in flower? It's even brighter than that yellow. Mix it up with a field of iridescent blue from flax and it could be home in July.
  4. Settings Menu -> Options -> Gameplay tab. You'll want the 'Shared' Key mapping list.First two items are Build Elevation Up and Build Elevation Down.
  5. ...and parks

    Nope, you're right. As to the why, two things. First, each cim is unique, so pathfinding is huge. I'm guessing that roads with sidewalks, pedestrian roads, etc, are a major component of that. No sidewalk/path, no cims use the building. Secondly, there is parking in some of the parks. A neat way around it via Quill18's twitch was putting a small gravel road up into the inside of your larger block and run it behind the zone area for a little way. Now you have a park inside your block and you only lose four zone squares. Like this:
  6. Water Use

    Be aware, if you're like me, you group like things. In my case it was the water pumps. It dropped the river flow. Results: - Increased need for more water - I had sewage on the same water flow and because of the reduced flow, it spread (3% water contamination) slightly back to the inlets. - Outflow pollution was more vast. Solution was to halve my pumps into a completely different water flow.
  7. Bus and garbage

    1. Yes. The little green box is your budget menu. If you switch to the Budget tab and then mouse over the numbers Weekly transport total, you can get a list of income which you can compare to the budget numbers. 2. Traffic problem I'll bet. The garbage trucks collect just by driving, if they can't drive through and area, they can't collect.
  8. 1 Million Citizens

    I think I wasn't clear. I understand the scaling and that the 1M number is number of agents (as opposed to citizens), what I meant was that I can't see me spending the time to build one city to the max.
  9. I'm at 75k. I really can't see me getting to 1M in one city.
  10. 13 person studio, figure 3 admin, 3-4 artists, maybe 7 programmers. Time constraints, launch day fixes, 'good enough' syndrome.
  11. Your Weekend Predictions

    Honestly, 15 might just be Saturday.
  12. How Do I Add Mods To My Game?

    Another _very_ handy way is if you're online with steam and playing, you can Shift-Tab to go directly to the steam overlay. Obviously don't do this with a Mac given the issues. Select the Community Hub and go to the Workshop. You can subscribe to mods right there. Shift-Tab to go back to the game. Save, enable mod, reload game, et voila, that interchange you needed.
  13. Flood and drought

    Level rail crossings have traffic barriers that raise and lower when trains are coming and going.
  14. Sickness spreading

    Earlier today, my pop dropped like 10k in about 5 minutes of RL. I didn't notice at first.... Cemetaries were all full and the crematoriums couldn't keep up. People leave. Fast.