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  1. Do buildings / lots grow into each other when they upgrade? That would be a cool mod. Though this is probably pie in the sky for now, some kind of medium density residential zone would be useful, perhaps a mod that grows car parks over zoned land to match demand in much the same way as the original Sim City grew schools and hospitals. I definitely want more building levels eventually, and I see no good reason why 8x8 or 8x4 growable lots should not be possible at the top level. Edit: I used to love the low/medium/high wealth element of SC4 as well with specific push / pull factors and tax brackets. That was glorious.
  2. One possible reason as I have found when making level 1 / 2 buildings is that they get upgraded too quickly in developed cities, and short of running a small city with minimal services (and lots of ugly bubbles that clamour for healthcare and education!) it is always a shame to see them built over. What the game really needs is a 'make historic building's mod like on SC4. Fantastic work all the same! Really enjoying this thread, and very pleased with the passion of many members on here for rural / realistic buildings and mods not just ever taller skyscrapers!
  3. Show US your Created map !

    That is incredible, Azurespecter! Will you share it when it's finished?
  4. These are great! Could you use them as props to make a European style tourist camp site?
  5. That did the trick! Thanks so much. I must have checked it off by accident. Interesting as well that you have to save before you export for it to register, that's good to know as I have been banging my head against a brick wall getting certain models to export properly and that fact will definitely help when it comes to diagnosing the problem. Cheers!
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Looks useful, but why didn't you make it round? It would look smoother and more realistic. OK, here's V2!
  7. Show Us Your Interchanges

    My first really decent intersection! So it's like a roundabout overpass, except cars join the roundabout AFTER they leave it if you see what I mean. It meshes nicely with an alternate OWR grid pattern and hasn't given me problems yet. This one just shows you the joining roads in red, the roundabout in yellow and the exit roads in green. The roads that join with the grid transition into 2-lane OWRs to allow for the adjoining lane from the roundabout.
  8. Hi guys, Sorry to come crying but I've tried everything I can think of and have had no luck searching for a solution! This is how the model looks before I export it as FBX: Here's how I have the options configured for the export: And here's what it looks like when I import it into the Asset Editor! I even tried scaling the Z-axis down to 0.2 on blender (producing a squashed model) before I export to account for the weird transformation but it comes out exactly the same. I tried unchecking the "apply transformation" box thinking that might be the problem, but it just gives me the same thing on its side, i.e. as if I had just imported it and used the rotate tools in C:SL. I'm completely stumped! I've got several models to work before using the exact same settings so I'm wondering what on earth is going on and how I can fix it. Many thanks in advance, Dan
  9. Canada Collection

    I really like these! The saturation issue has come up for me a couple of times. What I do is adjust the saturation to about -50% on Gimp and the models look about the same in game as they do in Blender. Remember to keep a copy of the original in case you want to change doors, textures etc for future models.
  10. It's the asset editor that's broken! What you need to do is load any building from the asset modifier and then go new prop and import as usual. You should then have the window in the bottom right corner with the drop-down menus for size. Set these to 0x0 and save, it should then be accessible from the parks menu / bench logo in the asset editor.
  11. Just an update to say that traffic is really surprisingly manageable with a mixture of higher and lower density buildings. The picture above is just made from tiling the hexagon type, and the road network is not so different from a standard grid layout topologically speaking. There are no 3 way intersections, only 4 way intersections and the more randomised nature of the roads means the quickest routes are more various and unique to each journey than a standard grid layout. Moreover the less efficient zoning % means less traffic in general, and when main thoroughfares emerge they can be upgraded to wider roads or overpasses. My next project will be to map out a complete road structure to a custom base-10 region with decagonal and pentagonal islands as a cool sandbox. Thanks again, you've done a super job on these!
  12. Scratch that, I found them on the steam workshop! Amazing work!!
  13. You genius! Can I download them?
  14. Very cool! I guess with base 5 geometry you could create girih tiles in the asset editor?