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  1. Accreton Valley

    I will announce that this city is more of a test city, to help my skills, and improve before I do an official city. Mainly so I can have a beautiful city to work with!
  2. Accreton Valley

    Update #5: Austin Landing I figured I'd do a small update to announce the Austin Landing Shopping & Office Center of Accrenton! It was a land-grant from Springvalley Township that allowed the new district to form! creating a very lovely curved section of the town, trying to move the grid-pattern around!
  3. Accreton Valley

    Mini Update Alert 2 Traffic problems have been sorted out, I am onto finalizing the designs of the ramps so it's more smoothed out for better looking traffic points! Doing the upgrades also allowed for more room for the downtown area, and sycamore square!
  4. Accreton Valley

    Mini Update Alert Hello everyone! I am currently experiencing a major problem with Accreton. What am I experiencing with right now? Traffic. How bad? VERY bad. I took this before I began working on a new design for the city entrance, as It was being clogged so badly. I am severely hoping what I did will improve traffic flow, and sorting.
  5. Accreton Valley

    Update #4: Downtown Accreton The city has been under so many issues regarding worker shortages, that I decided to finally put Downtown Accreton into development! But first. Let's talk about the areas around the city right now! We currently have around 16,000 residents, and that number is going up by the week! Especially with the development of the Downtown area. Let's first talk about Industrial Square When I first started this city, this was the FIRST area I had worked on. I started with the Harbors, and then the rail yard, and then designed the district from there. It took a while before the RCI demand went for Industrial, and the area is pretty well packed in with industrial. Moving on from the Industrial Square, Let's talk about Springvalley Township! Springvalley Township is the farthest district from the downtown hub, but it's also the closest to the Industrial area. But it has it's fair share if fun! and exciting places to go! They just recently finished up their new center park! Look how nice it is! Next up is Washington Heights, This was the first area to be designed for the city, other than the Industrial area! This is almost like the downtown area of Accreton, but it's not. Washington Heights is also home to the Bus Depot, which is hidden behind some commercial buildings to the left. (Near the fire) Right across the Traffic infused avenue is Sycamore Square The Office district. And finally! Right across the ending of the Highway into the city, is Downtown Accreton with Canton Ends Park! The area is still under development, but is rising very quickly! Plus we have this park called Canton Ends park right in the heart of the Downtown area! It's called Canton Ends Park because the city is located in Canton county, and that river is the border of Canton county and Empire county. That is all for this update! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the game built map called Shady Strands
  6. Accreton Valley

    Update #3: Counties! To give a good perspective on the map. Accreton is located in Canton County. The city's downtown center borders Empire County, and possible expansion is reasonable near Ascos county.
  7. Accreton Valley

    How do you mean that it's nuts? It's designed so that the highway is continuous back and forth with and on and off ramps to get into the avenue I actually replaced the one way avenues into on and off ramps to get rid of the street lights.
  8. Accreton Valley

    Update #2 City coming to life The city is officially coming to life! Slowly but surely is the large city location filling up with cims and their money to add revenue into the city!
  9. Accreton Valley

    Hello everyone! I decided to take a few weeks or so, to get used to the game a little bit more, read up on some tutorials and finally get into creating a true city, with fun entrances and exits from highway systems, and many more! I spent the last 2 hours today working on these 3 areas below, Fork in the Highway, High way on-and off ramp, and the City entrance! To give a perspective on what I want to do; Between the highways and avenue I want to have a small area of Office Industry. To the right of that area will be suburbia, where the schools, Low Commercial and Low Residential. To the left of all of that I want to have the downtown area, with High Commercial, and High Residential, and where many leisure's will be! I will be giving updates soon as I work on the road system later tonight, or tomorrow (I had to stop right now due to my computer power heating up) I plan on really focusing on how many trees are within the world, as my computer truly isn't build for this game, and I believe deleting trees will be a great help with processing the game. I need to know if there is a faster way to delete trees though? Like a mod that removes them with the delete tool?
  10. 4-Way Train Intersection

    Very nice... but there is an issue with this design with the fact that trains won't be able to go left.
  11. Simple request, RCI Demand disabled/Full all the time? (That IS NOT on the steam workshop?)
  12. Hello! I am Mason Lloyd, a local News reporter for WRTS 2 News Station in Canton, Washington Just recently, there was a HUGE highway update that happened south of town, and it's quite a massive change from the original, costing Canton almost 24.3 Million dollars to renovate. This update was to improve traffic flow, and a expansion of a newly formed city that was going to start out very soon. There is no detail of the city, or even it's precised location, other than the area where the highways were updated. I took a picture while flying in the WRTS 2 Chopper to get a better look of the new highway system (Wouldn't mind knowing how to get pictures that don't have all the icons and stuff?) This is all I have for today, tune in tomorrow, or next week for more information of this newly-formed City!
  13. Design Centric Region (No Sandbox)

    I'd like to try! ID: AussieMine
  14. As the title says, I'm looking for someone who will want to play in a Region with me! I'm not having much fun in a region with only me, and I want to get my Knowledge of SimCity going!
  15. SimCity Demo?

    I know one doesn't exist. I'm saying it would be nice if there WAS one.