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  1. Hoping someone can help me with my SimCityPak problem.....

  2. Thanks, everyone! I found a different program, but I'm also considering Fraps
  3. Hello everyone I went to use SimCityPak, and I used the SimCity_Game package file and followed the instructions on the codeplex guide, and this came up: Can anyone help me?
  4. For more information, go to the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI-fUK7O3w8
  5. I'm thinking about starting a Let's Play SimCity series, but I don't know which program I should use. Any one have any good ones?
  6. Free Landmarks v2.0 (NEW BUILDINGS)

      My computer is pretty old, so I'm afraid it'll crash if I do all of that in one file.
  7. Help Desperately Needed

    Thanks a ton this has really helped. I'll be sure to change my ways of modding and follow your advice.
  8. Police Headquarters Mod Remake v1.1

      It's the program I downloaded. It did the same thing when I was trying to take a screenshot of a website I was on. It took out all the other pictures.
  9. Hello I'm in desperate need of help with my mods. The mods I've created (go to the mod section of the site, they're the newest ones) for SimCity 4 suck. I've been told they need improvement, but I don't know how or what they need improvement on. Could anyone tell me how I could improve (by downloading one of the mods, particularly the Free Landmarks one), because I need all the help I can get
  10. Police Headquarters Mod Remake v1.1

    No, it showed up in the game, it just didn't show up in the screenshot.
  11. I can't find where to get the SimCity_Game package file so I can make this actually work. Can anybody help?
  12. Police Headquarters Mod Remake v1.1

    I don't believe I did, but if you think I did, I'll delete the mod.
  13. Free Landmarks v2.0 (NEW BUILDINGS)

    I do now. I downloaded a screenshot program, and it all worked out :)