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  1. New reclaimed westside

    Over recent years, the government have granted to reclaim part of the port of Middledell. Now the new sky scrapers, residential blocks and a new A&E/ trauma centre all combined work together to create the Westside. A new Railway terminal was constructed for the west coast mainline, and the western suburbs. A new extension on the metro was also constructed giving way to 3 new metro stations, including the state street metro station, now one of the buisiest on the network.
  2. Major Emergency

    BREAKING NEWS A major fire has broke out in an office block in the financial district! all emergency services are attending the scene with mass evacuation of localised buildings. the city's mayor and member of parliament are also heading towards the scene. No news has come forward yet, of how it started but witnesses say they heard a loud bang then seen a huge plume of smoke billowing up. I will keep posted on what is happening!
  3. Reclaimed Harbour land

    For many years city planners have wanted to gain some land back from the harbour. The derelict harbour walls around the CBD where crumbling and the city needed extra office space. years on and the progress is staggering! CRANES every where. With 6 new blocks being built with many new office towers planned the city is gaining world wide recognition. The first is what it previously looked like.
  4. More old town

    More images of old town
  5. Middledell old town

    This is the city's old town built for the Industrial Age, many town houses, with a public market square. now the square is home to old boutiques and r$$$ town houses. it holds popular markets such as farmers and vintage fairs every Sunday, bringing life to the old town.
  6. A quick overview of the city!

    So this is my city of middledell, very densely packed CBD, central business district. with a very busy main railway terminal, bringing people from the region to the cultural and financial hub of the region. with new proposals of new towers, new residential areas, even reclaiming of land to disregard the old waterfront for new office space. It's a region of two cities one of major industrial power, manufacturing and new high tech and middledell the financial and cultural centre.
  7. Rail_Catenary_Mod_V3 HD version

    thanks so much for this ive been needing something like this forages!!!!!
  8. NDEX ITS CIS Tower Manchester

    brilliant. . . . by anychance wud u make beetham tower from manchester
  9. NDEX ITS City Tower Manchester

    really good. . . any more manchester buildings on the way? beetham tower wud be ace. . . and the cis . . :P
  10. RiverRock Shopping Centre

    wow love i so realistic looking too:):)
  11. La Tour Eiffel

    wow this is just brilliant a million times better than the old eiffel tower were no detail was in order just gottta say wow
  12. AIR CANADA 767200ER

    wot is the password for this
  13. The Library Tower

    i really love this building because its from los angeles :Di think you have really donewell on this one nice one !!
  14. Harbour front!

    Middledell city harbourfront! A very busy, well built up city with amazing cultural, shopping, financial and political assets for a city of near 700,00 regional.