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  1. Lamont

  2. Citybound looks like exactly what i was hoping for in the new Simcity - Awesome!

  3. SAM 1 Override

    day. made. thank you for the amazing addition to the stex.
  4. Boniface Hotel

    No sc4model file. this was a disappointing click.
  5. The Pactagon (NAM Infrastructure Solutions)

    Great - 5/5! But what are the tracks on the roof for?
  6. Scale Accurate Complete Earth - April Fools 2013

    HA! Still got it to work. My computer still needs the cowbell 2.0 update for this file, though.
  7. Happy April Fool's everybody!

  8. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    yet another wonderful simtropolis april fool's joke - as funny as the previous all-in-one dependancy pack. Oh, and to all the people who aren't laughing and are mad at this: IT'S A JOKE. GET. OVER. IT.
  9. re-test driving NAM...hopefully the new fixes work with my plugins!

  10. will not be buying the new simcity, and plans on selling all his EA stock....

  11. Show us you Jenx Weather Mod ScreenShots

    I have this pic in my new CJ and thought it would be a good one for this thread: This mod is great, but it has one tiny problem where sometimes reskinned content will not display properly (left side)
  12. NAM 31 Central Bug Tracker Thread

    A few problems here..... 1. for some reason, i cannot place any plobbables of the new maxis highway. no exits, transitions, roundabouts, i just keep getting a red arrow. 2. the curves for draggable FAR to straight are, well, sort of blockish looking. Is this how it was designed or did i do somthing wrong? 3. for some reason, my automatic turn lanes are gone. I'm not sure if it was included in the installer(did a custom install, might've missed it) and im wondering if the NAM team just got rid of them......
  13. proposed NYC soda ban

    I'm with the admin....this topic has gone from a discussion about a soda ban to a full out political online war. These things get out of hand quickly, and then everyone has to put in their 2 cents on beliefs and etc. before that happens, and before everyone on this site turns against each other, i say Shut 'er down. we've got a good site going here....i would say the best site for simcity games. lets not ruin it.
  14. proposed NYC soda ban

    honestly, i do hate these big bans on junk food and this so-called 'war on obesity', but the funny thing i can't get over out of all of this is going to be how people will probably open large soda-only stores just outside of the ban's limits, like so many dry towns and liquor stores nationwide.
  15. Why should the person above you be banned?

    Banned for having hyperlinks