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  1. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    oil map is also displayed incorrectly, it was right in the middle of the black and it said "no oil here" and i tried to find the oil, it was to the right, almost in the other nearby citys zone,,,so this mod shifts the oil from under your city, making oil business not that good...cuz i checke with the mod unistalled and the oil overlay was displayed correctly in a game without the mod, and it is displayed correcly in the overlay with the mod installed too, but the oil will not be there if you use the mod, and it will be there if you uninstall the mod.....why is the mod messing with the oil? makes the game annoying   also, if i disable the mod midgame, the entrance to the city gets fucked up, it becomes only a black texture with some blue lights, as if my policemen were trying to go to a different city, but got stuck on the highway ramp...same is true if i claim another city midgame, then load back the original city, the city entrance yet again changes to that black texture overlay...basically the freeway part were all cars enter your city changes to a relatively big black texture square, and you cant see anything but that square..its very ugly (i dunno how to post a screenshot, but try to reproduce the bug and youll see), and its so ugly...
  2. Real Population

    does this mess up the population requirement quests like tthe townhall upgrade which needs 5k of them? cuz that wold make the game unplayable
  3. Planets Mod

    much better than the vanilla moon, dunno what Maxis was thinking, but pixelated moon texture looked terrible
  4. Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

    i had to rename the file to give it a 0000000 prefix, as i have other mods and it didnt do anything ingame before i renamed it...may be a conflict or dunno what,,,,anyway, now works like a charm, could use a few improvements, especially with the camera, it doesnt let me go closer in certain areas
  5. i dont care for the icon man, make it buldozable, and rotable, or make it snap to other roads,, in its current state this mod is unplayable
  6. NoCarsForLowWealth

    hmm, idea is in the right direction, but i think instead of disabling the cars, it should half the cars and make more pedestrians, so 50% less carsm as cars are expensive and low wealth dont have much money, then increase pedestrians and mass transit travelers by 50 %