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NoCarsForLowWealth 1.1

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NoCarsForLowWealth modifies the Sim and SimCar packages and sets the number of possible sims for a Low wealth vehicle to be 0 - meaning that driving is no longer an option for low wealth sims.  They will be forced to walk, or use the tremendously hideously broken public transport system to get to their place of work.


While possible to also make Medium and High wealth sims to not take their cars, I've found through experience that this makes the game unplayable, since the sims are just too stupid to find a place to work, and you cause more problems than you solve.  Fortunately, Medium and High wealth sims aren't as many ias low wealth sims, so having their cars on the road won't be an issue.


To make this work effectively, be sure to build a bus depot close to the residential zone so that it will function, and then be able to bus sims to other parts of your city, to provide workers for your far away places like the sewage plants and garbage dumps.


I've tested this mod with a population of over 600,000 with no gridlock issues.  Pictured above is a low wealth sprawl both low density - and later, high density - and as you can see the only vehicles driving around are school busses and shuttle busses - no cars :D


This mod is for offline only. Attempting to use it online will cause rollbacks.




Unzip the zip file, and place the Mods-Sim.package and Mods-SimCar.package into your SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages folder.  This mod depends on the SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package, which you can copy from SimCity\SimCityUserData\EcoGame to your SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages folder.


Restart/start your game (be sure your'e playing in offline mode first)

What's New in Version 1.1   View Changelog


  • 1.0 - Initial Release after 3 months of testing.
  • 1.1 - Added another screenshot to gallery

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