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  1. district 69

    wow that's like near my apartments
  2. haven't posting in this forum a month

  3. Someone can tell me the name of this BAT?

    its also good bat
  4. Colombian farmer house - COFFEE ZONE

    wow this is like at the empire earth 5/5 great job
  5. Introduce Yourself Here!

    oh hi mattyglitch welcome to simtropolis
  6. borrow an RV and, lets go to texas

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. steelersfan95


      haha i would like to switch places with you anyday

      maybe you would like the somewhat slower pace

      of Toronto

    3. people of NYC

      people of NYC

      oh okay thanks for comments

    4. people of NYC

      people of NYC

      but i had from indonesia ilke that hotter land

  7. What was your first ever game & your gaming history?

    i think my first game is simcity 2000 got that at my birthday
  8. state of fairyland aspenwood

    facebooktwittergoogle: barrel house you can find at [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25045-paeng-s-quonset-camp/"]here[/url]
  9. school of radio station



    this is my second lotting named school of radio station why ?? because the child who have to school at radio station. hahaha this is joke man dependencies: BSC MEGA PROPS MJB vol 1: here bldgprop vol1 credits lotter:ahmed or me
  10. state of fairyland aspenwood

    aspenwood is state of fairyland check this out the sun gonna arise at city lets go around this city this city is housing for 2341 resident and the hotel for giving an extra jobs and the trainstation for helping deliver goods for at least the sun is going down okay we stop thanks for visitng
  11. ===TEASER===

  12. The BAT won't open!

    you must have to register that GMAX same to my problem
  13. A SimCity that existed before the PC

    wow like this