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  1. Question about Downloaded Files

    Thanks for the quick reply. I wanted to clean up and organize my plug-ins folder so I just wanted to be safe than sorry in combining the files. I'll make sure that anything that needs to be loaded in a certain order stays unpacked. Thanks again.
  2. Are you able to take the individual .model/ .desc/ and the lot files of a download and datpack them into one file. I'm not really sure if that was possible so I thought I would Ask before doing it.
  3. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    I'll try the e-rail and see if it will help out. thank you everyone for all the help that you have given me. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    Yes I'm using the NAM and set the traffic controller at ultra when I installed it. The highway entrance is about 20-25 tiles from the area that is abandoning with NWM 5 turning lane ave. running to the entrance. I really wish to avoid running rail into the downtown area if possible which is why I'm running subway.
  5. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    No I don't have negative R$$$ demand. The demand bar is half way up the demand graph. I'm really not sure why it happened all of a sudden. Some of it I'm thinking came from when I removed the Ave bridge leading to the main downtown to make them use the highway going to the downtown instead. Everyone was using the Ave (around 120,000 cars going over the Ave bridge) so I kept getting the advisor complaining about it being to busy so I figured I'd force them to use the highway instead. When I did that that's when the abandonment started but it has been 4 sim years since I did that so it should have worked itself out by now. I could understand if I just did that since it takes a few months for them to find the new paths. Right now they will build a high wealth building then it will abandon. As soon as that one abandons they will build a new building and the cycle continues. I zone in 11x5 blocks with zoning 2x2 on each side with filler, trees in the middle then I place a bus stop on one end and a subway on the other so I figure the stops are close enough for everyone to get to. Plus I have found out that I do have high wealth working in the I-HT buildings.
  6. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    I broke down the seperate lines in the top of the post on the CO$$$/CS$$$ jobs from the graph in the top first post plus the I-HT jobs that are there. I also installed CAM which i have read is suppose to fix the problem of high wealth not working in I-HT but I still have no high wealth working in those jobs just mid/low wealth according to the route query when clicking on the building.
  7. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    I already had that fix installed also. That's what is confusing me so much about this. According to my demand bars there is no demand for CO$$$, traffic isn't conjested at all, but still all high wealth is abandoning for some reason. It all started once the population hit 200,000 until then everything was fine.
  8. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    yes i have both NAM and CAM installed. I also have SAM and NWM installed.
  9. Bad High Wealth Abandonment

    The tax rate for high wealth is set at 8.0% so i don't think that could be the problem.
  10. I have a city with a total population of 215,000 and it's the only city in the region right now. I have just started getting pretty bad high wealth abandonment once the population hit 200,000 and I'm not sure what had suddenly happened. Everything was fine until the 200,000 population level. According to the jobs graph in game (not sure how accurate that is really) it says I have 30,000 R$$$ Population 45,000 CO$$$ Jobs 32,000 I-HT Jobs 13,000 CS$$$ Jobs I have bus and Extensive Subway system running through the city. I have about half of my high wealth buildings already abandoned and another 1/3 of whats left with no job zots over them cause of commute time. My roads are not heavily used except the highway and moderate use of the subways. None of my city is plopped job or residential wise just civic buildings. I have no demand mod installed but I do have CAM installed which I have read is suppose to fix the high wealth not working in I-HT but if i query my high tech buildings no high wealth work there at all just mid and low wealth. Any help on what may be going on will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I think these are the ones your looking for http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2774
  12. Nam Rhw FLUP connectors

    That is where i did look but they are not there. When i tab all the way to the end since I have read that is where they are placed, the last pieces listed there is the blank pieces. I have tabbed and rotated all the pieces that are under that menu. Edit - Never mind I found them. I was in a hurry before and was still looking in the wrong spot but once I sat down and really looked through everything I ran across them. Thank you for the help.
  13. I have NAM version 5.0 plus the RHW add-on and the HSR. I have all the FLUP connector puzzle pieces but I can't find the FLUP puzzles pieces for the RHW roads. I have all the others including the park paths and stream add-on pieces. Would anyone know why that is? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing all items of the NAM and still no joy.
  14. Crater Lake

    I would like to try this map but when I download the file all I'm getting is the config file and not the map itself.
  15. Very bright night lights

    Thanks Maarten That was the problem. Took out the LRM and the problem disappeared. I really didn't know the LRM was a lighting mod when looking through my plug-ins folder. I thought it was something to do with a mass transit mod of some sort. Thanks to both you and a nonny moose for helping me out.