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  1. You make the best stuff EVER.

  2. Kingdom Centre

    I think it's bigger, but nice effort
  3. Luxor Las Vegas

    btw nightlights are just normal lights placed and renamed nitelite(x)
  4. Luxor Las Vegas

    Building is ok, but it needs to be bigger, you should also put the other buildings in the lot and don't forget the sphynx and the entrance. 6
  5. Saturn V Rocket

    Version 3


    This landmark conmemorates one of mankind's greatest achievments. Brings $$ comm. wealth to your city and is a very beautiful addition. And no it doesn't take off (i wouldn't know how to animate it and it's been out of service for nearly three decades) Nightlights work. BTW the picture doesn't do the model justice, believe me it's 100% more detailed.
  6. The Baco building

    a growable version would have to be a 6x6 lot, and would almost never develop so i'll do some testing and see if it works
  7. Version


    This is a landmark building that increases the $$$ residential demand, it was forst planned as part of the Paris hotel in las vegas, but many many problems arose so i may never be able to finish the casino, however this makes a nice addition as a standalone building. cost is $150 mo. No growable version planned.
  8. SIMTANIC port

    very impressive
  9. Centre Point

    amazing i love it
  10. Black Obelisk

    clean and realistic 9
  11. Walmart

    Thanks a lot for the comments. i thought about making the parking lot way bigger but it would just be to big a lot so i decided to scale it down. A growable version would be very bad because it would only be the building and imagine the lot growing without any. Sometimes they sell machines too.
  12. North Point Plaza

    Your buildings make mine look like crap: 10
  13. Walmart

    just checked the file and its complete 1.6mb, pics are ok now
  14. Walmart

    Version 2


    Walmart finally, increases R$$ demand and helps create jobs. 12x11 lot 5 files. 5000 plop cost.
  15. Raccoon City Freight Station

    Not bad, it actually looks very good for your third try, keep em coming