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  1. Everest Tower

  2. Custom Content Appears Funky

    Just as a matter of curiosity, what is it? I was making a Hardee's highway sign. Like this: http://g.co/maps/xax98
  3. Custom Content Appears Funky

    Indy, I made this using Lot Editor with SC4BAT (gmax). Others, I will try again with gmax and see how the second model turns out.
  4. Custom Content Appears Funky

    When I go to place one of my custom content in SC4, the 5x and 6x zooms make the model appear like a funky glob of grey, with some spots in it. Like this: Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  5. Flinstone; Yeah ba daba doo!

    Today, I'll show you around the poor and desperate city of Flinstone, located in Bedrock county, Nordania. First off, facts to know: This city was known for it's industrial and tradeAbout 50% of it's industry has left the city completely.More than half of the people who lived here in the '70s have leftFlintstone is known for it's HIGH crime ratesFlinstone is basically a decaying city on the Chuckster-Flintstone River bed. A population chart has been created: This city has also been struggling with jobs, but cant seem to attract businesses and industry. There are also some alley ways and courts/side streets. A brief story: ___________ City was incorperated in 1870 and founded , and boomed with industrial jobs. This followed until early to mid 70's, when almost half of the industry was going through crisis about whether their companies where heading over seas or not. Shortly after, the decision was made, and half of the industry flew the city. *Note, Flintstone is considered a rust belt city. (In my fictional state) This shortly led to half of the city proper's population to leave. Then we saw the introduction to crime and illegal substances. A tour- Arial view: View of streets: Midtown: Downtown: Industrial: So far this is it. I hope to update this post shortly when I get everything situated in my city. Thanks for viewing.
  6. I got a model in sketchup, but...

    Recently, I made a model of a telephone pole, but is in the Sketchup format. I've heard somewhere that you could convert that in some program? Anyways could someone, somehow turn that file into a BAT so I could use it in SC4? The model: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=1a59c764cbfd8a91d289c96fac813f4&prevstart=0
  7. LBT BIG Kmart

    [quote name='Badassgj' timestamp='1314723165'] Awesome! Unfortunately the parking lot is not showing for me. Any help would be appreciated! [/quote] Yeah, parking lot textures are not showing up for me too. Dependencies?
  8. Jerry

    I am still working on this city, Jerry. Can 'ya guess what city this is based on? Right now, I only got 1 picture of it, and that happens to be downtown.
  9. So, when I go to Free Drive Mode, and Tasks, I somehow get placed onto the opposite side of the road. Now, to me this seems very unrealistic and annoying. Is there some sort of MOD that can solve this so that it's like how people drive in N.America?
  10. BAT Request Thread

    I am requesting a few things. I hope this is not too much to ask for, but ideas come to thought. First off, can somebody make a traffic light BAT that could have these? Next, to add realism to my city, I think a few neighborhoods could possibly have an unfixed area or too. a high rise that could be useful around downtown. http://g.co/maps/s9uvh And lastly, since my city I am working on has industrial and tornadoes, I thought it would be cool to have these civil defense sirens too. Yes, I know there are a few files on here, but I need more variety like these sirens pictured:
  11. Seaport

    I will show you one of the many cities I am currently working on. This city is called Seaport. This is located in my SimCity state of Nordania. History: Seaport was once a major area for industry, during the mid 1800's, the incorporated community saw a boom in industrial jobs and opportunities. There was also a start into the fishing and importing goods business. The incorporated area soon transformed itself into a city. During the 1960's the city saw it's highest population, 843,895 people whom lived within it's city limits. Shortly after in the 1970's, crime had started to be more common throughout the area and many other bad stuff like shooting. Many of the jobs were beginning to be exported to other countries and the industrial jobs were beginning to phase. In the last 40 years, the city had lost a lot of people. In the last few years, the city had a shrinkage in it's city limit boundaries and many foreclosures. They had also demolished many of the vacant homes. Anyways, here are the pictures: The whole west side: The downtown area: What might be one of the cleanest areas of the whole city: The NADOT (Nordania Dept. of Trans.) might want to consider trimming those trees a bit: The hill side where most of the the midtown places are built on: If you can see, there is is only one gas station here, in which is one of the two in the entire city: Some more greens that need to be trimmed along the highway: Downtown is slowly being rebuilt: North of the downtown area: The island connected to the west, Seque Island (See - q): That was the west side, now for the rest. *This is the east side. The east side has defiantly seen the worst. Most of the foreclosures and houses being demolished have happened here: Last but not least, the census population data chart: Seaport is slowly recovering.
  12. LOT Editor crashes

    I've attempted to fix that problem with your solution, but I keep getting the same problem. What I think is happening is where you said to rename the plugins file. Did you mean to rename the folder and call the new folder Plugins? This is what I have here:
  13. Sim City Societies Traffic Light

    I like these, but they don't seem to show up in my lists of tools in the game
  14. LOT Editor crashes

    I downloaded the tools to making a LOT file/custom content for SC4 and a step in one guide to making a LOT is to open LOT Editor, so I did. When I first opened it, I had over 200 plugins. Shortly after, a dialog pops us saying "Lot Editor is not responding." I try again and my next experiment was to eliminate all but the plugins I wanted, so Lot Editor didn't have so much to load, but I instantly get a window saying "Lot Editor has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution." I have no idea why the software won't load. Any suggestions?