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  1. The Archbishopric

    God bless this city and this journal
  2. Where are my CJ's ?

    1. ThomasAH


      Weg, helaas :-(

  3. Oak Ridge Center

    Great to see people in the sc community still making this kind of buildings. 5/5
  4. Campbell Mithun Tower

    That's an amazing building you got there, another "classic" is born.
  5. Tuscarora

    Great journal! The brigde connection to the statue is very cool! I'll keep following this one!
  6. Fortune - Canada's 11th Province

    Thats a very nice looking city journal you have there! Great Regionview, very impressive!
  7. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Nice work everyone!! I love nice looking suburbs!
  8. This is really cool! I think I maybe goin' to make a Rotterdam or The hague...
  9. HK One Pacific Place

    beautiful in everyway!
  10. Dutch 9 Building Pack

    Very cool good work again!
  11. Low Wealth Rowhomes

    very realistic! 9/10, if you can make a corner house it can be 10/10
  12. Torre Aztek

    very cool, the texture could be better , but the model is fantastic...9/10!
  13. zurich house

    great building!
  14. NDEX ITS 25 Bank Street

    Very nice work thank you!