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  1. @twalsh102 automatic datpacking didn't collaborate with my installation since I'm on windows 10 and no dll replacing would do it. I had to struggle a bit then ended up using Jdatpacker, which left me uncertain if I had done it right. Yesterday I re-datpacked the thing using my simcity_1.dat backup and checked the file hash for the new file and the one in "SimCity 4 Deluxe". Their hashes were different (the one in the program folder was from 2017 btw), so I reupdated the file just in case. I confirmed that $$$ sims were, in fact, going to work on I-HT, so that wasn't the issue after all (this was all done yesterday). I'm not 100% on the commuter bug issue since it's not a loop per se. It was a situation in which I had A -> B -> C in a line (instead of a loop), B being only farms (and therefore not enough jobs) and C the same. I had like 8k ppl going through B, around 2k finding jobs and the remaining going straight to C, where they disappeared into the void. My commute times were around 120 on average (is this hours?). I deleted my connection from B to C and then ppl would still go to B and the 6K would exit at the EL station in B and... do nothing. I ended up deleting the connection to B as well. There's an unrelated city D that is to the west (B and C are up north) that has no connections besides A, so I don't think that's the issue. People just went back to working there. After all this route replacing I still had like 30h commute time, which I have no idea if it's normal or not. My traffic was heavily screwed, so I continued my research. The last issue I stumbled upon was the roadtop bus stations. Reading this thread from a few years ago there's mention that the TE lots reset the sims commute, which will give me the abnormous long times. So I deleted all the bus stops and plopped the default ones on street corners instead. Commute times are still long but they seem to make sense again. That's probably the end of it, but now I'm afraid of screwing up in future commuter routes @-@
  2. What Type Of SimCity 4 Player Are You?

    I'm figuring myself again (both in the game and in real life). I used to min-max a lot, trying to get every nook and cranny of the map taken, the tallest buildings, etc. My English was at a very beginner level back when I played (7 years ago), so figuring the NAM out was... a challenge. I avoided the CAM altogether because I couldn't make sense of it too. Now I'm back, with different perspectives and having lived in different places. My desire is to create a region that looks good and plays well, so I'd say half-sandbox, half playing the game. I want to make it feel good to live in, and I will sacrifice a lot of real state for pretty parks and good traffic options. Fortunately, I have an enormous region to work on! I don't shy too much from mods if I feel like they fix things that make the game unfair, but I don't want my simulation broken. I also love seeing the buildings get built (seriously, if a game has buildings being built I am sold. Banished was such a pleasure.), so I avoid ploppable commercial and such, zones all the way. Except for the lego-like park plopping minigame, of course. As I think and plan out how I'll build my city I catch myself being inspired by the places I lived in and visited, and it makes me surprised but happy at the same time. I don't have the patience for a realistic project (like copying a city) but I enjoy trying to think like a real urbanist.
  3. As I had done previous research (and being somewhat experienced with this micro management) I had already checked every single one, and already closed all the warnings but they would reappear after a while. I tried to eliminate any 'novice' mistake before making a topic on the forums. @twalsh102 thank you very much for the insight. I come out of this at least a bit relieved in knowing that having uneven HQ is not the end of the world. This city/region is proving to be a full box of pandora as I now seem to have some other bug related issues (apparently I even have an infinite commuter loop, although if I delete everything I get 0 pop; but the census building reports commuters with the city entirely bulldozed). Maybe these issues are related to the fact I am playing with CAM for the first time (on a newly developed region, mind you), and I also suspected the Radius mod for water and power could be at fault. I can't prove anything, though. Last but not least I'm not sure if I applied the HT job fix correctly, which sorta explains the commuter exodus and the building dilapidation. Should I make another thread in case I can't fix these issues with currently available research or may I just keep asking in this one? This isn't even supposed to be a full-fledged region but I thought I might as well learn to deal with the devil mischief while I have the opportunity.
  4. This makes me very sad as well when reading old CJs. Currently Imgur is the most reliable service, they have a very internet aligned culture and I don't think they would do a photobucket on us. However the same with any internet company applies: they could die at any moment if they can't secure funding. As SimRico suggested OneDrive is a good alternative because Microsoft isn't dying anytime soon. You could use those as a backup (I use google drive). If you (reading this) posts pictures of your cities online, please have them stashed somewhere else like a Google Photos album that you can just share in case of service failure. It's a tad too much to ask for retroactive CJ editing but at least the memories aren't lost forever.
  5. PS: rereading @CorinaMarie post I must say there are still some slightly mysterious elements at play. It is true that not all residential buildings develop the same health-wise, even if they don't get a lot of variation. I even did monitor (new) different buildings in non-overlapping areas to test for selective coverage and they developed differently, although they did develop so I couldn't consider it a problem. Unfortunately, with a city like mine it's hard to isolate variables like abandonment and such, and I wasn't careful enough to make a better setup (I was more interested in fixing an apparently broken city after all). My hunch is that there's something funky with overlapping areas as well, beyond the apparent direction bias. At this point, one has to wonder if they added a slight random factor for people that are soo stubborn to treat themselves. That would be an accurate simulation.
  6. After I replopped the hospítals a few years later the shady funding messages disappeared. Either way thanks to all for the messages, this is some good information on the healthcare system that I didn't know before. A few areas that are now more than 50 years older remain red, but I suppose the abandonment hypothesis has its merits since it's a very stagnant city (I didn't develop much in all directions, it was just a carelessly assembled test city for my newly downloaded lots). Most of the map is close to green, or whatever that orange-green color is. If the problem happens again maybe I find a way to reproduce it and I'll let y'all know.
  7. For some reason, my sims just don't seem to want to go to the hospital. I have whole city coverage, checked every health institution (all of them have more than enough free beds) and yet I get constant complaints about funding. Similar problem is happening with schools too, although it's not as consistent so I'm not sure if those are related. Hence, I'll focus on the health issue. Here's what my Health data view looks like: As you can see the problem is more acute around the south hospital, as even though it's more than a decade old a lot of folks are still red. The two bottom clinics are also at double digits attendence. I figure I could try just running the simulation a few more decades, but the north district is among the oldest and also on the red (the hospital at the top is as old as the city. I wonder if there's some ambulance simulation going on under the hood, and the reason health is bad is because those sims have congested roads between them and the clinics? I've also tried replopping the south hospital but that didn't fix the funding demands. Any insight is appreciated. I have the opera house fix installed btw, this never happened to me before (I played quite a lot a few year ago).
  8. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I've never used the tool beyond the chocolatey public repository (which works similarly to the standard deb repositories), but my understanding is that the user will download the chocolatey program and configure it to work with the SC4 repo (the repo itself can have the MODPACC branding if you so insist). This process can probably be automated. Here's the info for hosting your own repo. It may be too much trouble because I'm not sure if it can be integrated with the current STEX setup, but maybe it can be used as a staging area for the starter packs, with only approved content (instead of the free for all that is the current STEX). PS: it is as you say, the repositories only have pointers to the files, instead of providing a direct download. You can read about that in the info provided. Apart from that I don't know too much about the technical details but I think this may be a good choice for the project and would be very happy to use it if it was adopted.
  9. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Hello, I've only read 4 pages of this thread (and it was already a lot to go through in a single night), so please excuse me if this has been considered before. I saw an edit suggesting the use of the https://chocolatey.org/ tool, but I saw no reactions or mentions of it. Afaik it can be licensed so a private database containing only SC4 stuff is possible. A tl;dr on the tool is that it basically is an apt for windows, with package dependency management, install scripts (so plugins install themselves to the SC4 plugins folder) and disclaimers could be displayed in the installing process. No programming necessary, except setting up the install scripts, but it's certainly a considerably easier effort than programming a whole dependency manager from the ground up. The end user will have to use the command line, but that's about the hardest part. I just did a quick check - pricing is spicy but it seems our use case falls into the open source license, ability to host our own package repository completely for free.
  10. Socrino