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  1. ITS Streetset Props

    Great props for cities.
  2. BSC BAT Props Ill Tonkso British Rail

    Great addition for British-style cities. Takes me back to England.
  3. One World Week Flag Props

    Just what SimCity needs...a plaza with flags. Reminds me of Rockefeller Center and the UN in New York, as well as some buildings in London and Hong Kong.
  4. Manhattan Heights

    Very impressive. I enjoyed Hong Kong...visited it in 1992 and 1994. At that time, it was like Chicago, with mountains, run by the British, filled with Chinese folks. British street furniture, language, and uniforms, American skyscrapers, Chinese people. Wild place.
  5. HSBC Bank Tower

    Looks just like the real thing, down to the red rolling die sculpture in the corner. It's a block from what used to be the World Trade Center, so SC designers should take note. They got around the facade laws because the block opposite was turned into an open space.
  6. General Motors Building

    I remember when this building was being built...I was a little kid at the time. I'm glad to see an SC version of it, as I like to see New York's lesser-known but impressive skyscrapers as well as the famous ones.
  7. Consolidated Edison Building

    I went by this building every day when I went to high school...I rode past it on the bus, walked past it on the way home. The palm trees are dead wrong, though. Con Ed had an exhibit on "energy" on the main floor, to justify their high billing. Great stuff. I love to see New York buildings.
  8. Wall Street Plaza

    It's good to see familiar buildings from my native city included, besides the obvious landmarks.
  9. UK Border Watch Tower

    Great if you want to have a border, or just want to see more Union Jacks flying!
  10. Brick Streets Modd All Wealth Levels

    Great, great, addition.
  11. Smoother road and rail slope mod

    Excellent addition...very useful or hills and such.
  12. LA style intersections

    Interesting addition.
  13. Median with Subway and Parking

    Great little addition...reminds me of subway entrances on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.
  14. downtown library

    Looks useful.
  15. Cast Iron Lofts BSC

    Great stuff...this is what my native city looks like!