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  1. Richland Building

    We've got a Blue Nile here in Seattle. I didn't know it existed elsewhere. Cool BAT, we need more variety in the low to mid-ride commercial building sphere.
  2. Dunkin Donuts v10

    WOW. Good job!
  3. Street Bus Stop Avenue

    Good job and all, but this has been done before, and this particular one looks quite awkward in comparison. The greenbelt colour just doesn't match the rest of it, and the different sidewalk texture is simply unrealistic. Thanks for the effort, though, and good luck in the future.
  4. Good job. Gives a nice look of diversity to my downtown areas. Thanks for making it.
  5. Cinedom

    I really like it, along with everyone else.
  6. Street Bus Stop

    It's been done, and this one is quite poorly done in comparison. The median line change is very unrealistic, and it looks awful when plopped on streets.
  7. HAVOC Greens Groceries

  8. The Cobb Emerald Park Building

    Very cool, very unique.
  9. Pedestrian Walkway

    To their jobs, silly.
  10. Professional Center

    Very cool. Thank you.
  11. KoelnArena

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. Well done. Thank you.
  12. Washington Mutual Tower

    Marvelous. The WMT is one of my favourite buildings in my neck of the woods, Seattle, Washington. Thanks for making it.
  13. Madison Simcity High School

    I liked it when you first uploaded it, like it now. Only problem I find is that the building seems to be built on top of part of the parking lot (you can even see it in the picture). Makes it a bit odd and unrealistic. But other than that, this is one of the finest civic lots we've seen on SC4.
  14. College Dorm

    I realise that parking is rarely close to the dorms, but he had parking behind the dormatory building, so I figured if you're going to have parking, might as well make lots of it.
  15. College Dorm

    Gosh, I wish I were in that posh place instead of this ugly dorm. Maybe you could make an uglier dormatory, for, y'know, the lower 98%. And it needs a bit more parking....