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  1. La Tour Eiffel

    What everybody else said!! Well done!!
  2. SYM Productions Charmed house

    Great Job Guys!!
  3. HK Central Plaza

    Awesome!!! In dutch: geweldig!
  4. Kohdat Modular Row Homes

    Looks funny, well done. But are the plopable versions also residental??
  5. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    What Kwakelaar said: looks well made. One minor detail you could make the textures 'less clean'. take a look at this tutorial by Gascooker.
  6. Glenni's BAT showcase

    Looks awesome Glenni. One small tip: 'dirty' your textures a little. Read this article by gascooker on how to do that. It looks a bit too clean, if you know what i mean..
  7. Underworld Ruins II

    @rectumfication: Like I care...
  8. LA River Project

    Looking realy good RebalynnTS, these ditches will be a great addition to my cities. Underworld
  9. Great work as usuall Glenni. 10/10 from me.
  10. Sym Productions Ghetto Skatepark

    Great work Glenni 10/10
  11. Underworld Ruins II



    . Again a spooky ruin from Underworld. This time it
  12. HVAC model

    Thanks, just what the doctor ordered.
  13. Modern Furniture Pack

    Just what i needed, thanks
  14. Adult shop Lulu

    BTW: An updated version (Changed some stats) is available at my site (http://underworld.e2uhosting.net)