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  1. O but I actually think those limitations work in your advantage. Realism is a tricky thing: the more details you start using, like with mmp's, often the less real it looks because it somehow turns attention to the artificiality of it all. It also detracts from the harmony and order of textures. It's nice to make one tableau with, one still life, but it hardly works when creating an entire metropolis from scratch like you are doing. Also, that's why I think the new simcity will disappoint, apart from everything else that is disappointing so far, because it's 3d functionality will render it less realistic and more fake. The nice thing about the isometric projection of sc4 is that it has an inherent order and harmony, and thus beauty to the eye. It has the pleasing quality that is typical for miniatures, and in that sense I think you take sc4 to a stunning new height, by capturing the essence of complete regional city building. That's pretty brilliant, often leaving things out is more important than what you put in. Woops, sry for the wall of text, just trying to put my admiration into words. All the best for Martin County in 2013!
  2. Hi packersfan, I have been following your CJ for quite a while now, enjoying it thoroughly. Somehow you manage to capture the essence of city building. I find it really interesting since you don´t seem to lose yourself in details with mmp´s, or get overly realistic with RHM, GLR or rail transitions, etc, but it still comes across as the most realistic city I have ever seen. It looks so simple, but only deceptively so. I have been trying to imitate some stuff, but every time I have to exit and stare at your work again to find out how you make it work, and realise how well everything is placed and thought out. Must have taken years of staring at maps and building to get that natural flow! I hope you stay inspired to go on, and 'finish' this masterpiece one day.
  3. Urban Housing Mod

    Thank you shane52sk, it worked. I bulldozed the garages and everything turned out fine. Great mod!
  4. SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

    For Steam users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\simcity4deluxe\Plugins Buildingplop is nice, but what a beast of a list. You have to be very patient to build your city like that.
  5. Update 18 : End of the year, winter time in Corsica

    You should put a disclaimer on the CJ section telling that viewing this CJ for a long time can cause Stendhal syndrome to the viewer... @TekindusT Hahaha, you're so right. This CJ can cause serious illness. A sense of fulfillment that is truly abysmal.
  6. Snakeboy: Danger? Bah.quote> But I'm sure you agree that danger in a story can be very enjoyable and often leads to a healthy catharsis? So Follomer has to restore peace first (good luck with that Chancellor!), and the leader of New Gelderland, psander5, seems to be missing since April 17th. Unless I am mistaken, I fear delay for the space summit.
  7. Slowlee slowlee I sense danger too... Only when? And why? And how? And because of what? And the thing? You know, with the thingy... O boy o boy...
  8. 'Life-changing events in space', o boy, I'm sitting pretty untill Christmas.. Now, to the moon with that shiny new ship, and beyond....!!!
  9. Relieve, ah yes, but also a little disappointment that the world hasn't changed by ARPOM I. Now where will the second one go?
  10. After days of reading this CJ, I finally catched up. So hi! Thank you for this epic CJ! It shock and awed me so much that I have lost all ambition to try this myself, lol. The post about the two aliens forwarding the history of FC through a wormhole - best post ever. Can't wait to read more...