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  1. FlatDesertMap

  2. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    What is the name of the map?
  3. Show us your - Region

    Hi, I wanted to make a proposal that might be stupid, but it can be very useful. SHARE your regions via Dropbox or Google Drive, by simply loading the files that make with the plugins. The user can decide whether to make its editable region (thus following this guide) or he can let the user can simply copy and use them for them selves! I am willing to organize and manage everything. Including creating a nice guide to share their own regions. (Sorry my bad english)
  4. Blank map

    Can you update the map with a better darkness?
  5. Meanwhile, we can sign here: Petition for SimCity 5
  6. Sleep tight under the sands...

    [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]I did not understand how did you get this effect: terrein mod, or just photoshop?[/size][/font]
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    what type of tree are these? Where can I download they?
  8. Can't find /paks

    look in the folder programs . C:\Program Files (x86)\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011
  9. Cities in CXL 2011

  10. Season 2 Coming Soon!

    which terrain mod is this? 
  11. Cities in CXL 2011

    Where are saved the cities of CITIES XL 2011 ?
  12. Beta 3 Support Thread

    When launching Simmars3 see this notice: Unable to launch SimMars: Accesso negato Please close SimCity 4 if it is running. Also please ensure that the plugins,regions and music folder are not in use
  13. Particular panel

    I know that panel. I'm not stupid, just that mine is so
  14. What this particular panel?