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About this City Journal

Entries in this City Journal


I've had this packed away for a while now. I've never posted it. Today seems like a fitting day since it is . . well almost the 2 year anniversary of this city journals start. Actually maybe a week or 2. But still.

Mostly a coincidence. I ran across the pictures and pondered about why I never posted it. I never felt it lived up to the rest, but I decided to just show it either way.

I thought I'd just finish up Gansbaai so that this isn't just another declined journal. But a, happily to say, finished City Journal.

And now, without further Ado,


A once thriving country, brought to its knees by corruption and violence. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms was born through revolution. It shall die the same way.

-2 weeks earlier-

" --Gansbaai. A great country. A beautiful country. Our country.

We have ignored the pleas of the innocent for too long. We have suffered the oppression of our so-called leader enough. This -- dictator -- has reigned long enough. Too many have died by his hands. Now I ask you all today, what will you do for your country? Will you fight for it? Stand up for what you know is right and wrong? Lead our nation into the pride and joy that it STILL is! The only thing concealing it. . is him."

A speech in Khrsybicat Square. The same place the recent Alhuivr Hjmel was hung at, for some simple words against Prince Jahirze, who has recently brought a veil of tyranny to the desert region. After the not-so unknown reasons of the bankruptcy of Nouadhibou - the collapse of an entire metropolis - the already weary people grew more of their leader. The months after that grew more famine in the rural areas of the country. And some major known news anchors and public speakers began disappearing without a trace.

That day in the square people roared in support. Not soon after, a group of military officers marched down the street from an entrance of the Capitol Building. They carried guns, and the people at the rally remained largely unaware of them. Until a loud "bang" blared from their direction.

Hannah Hjmel. Daughter of Alhuivr, hung at that very square she spoke at, was shot and killed by the military officer. A possibly unwise thing to do in front of a crowd of agitated and politically motivated people.

The square erupted into chaos. The entire crowd began attacking the small battalion with rocks, bottles, and whatever else they could get their hands on. At least 30 civilians were gunned down in the plaza before the rest dispersed. Hours later after all calmed down, well word got around rather fast. Many civilians grouped together picking makeshift weapons. Molotov's flew through the Capitol building's windows below the orange sunset.


The people fought into the night . . .


. . . and for 14 days following.

The Gansbaai Revolution still rages on. But the outside world does take notice. Gansbaai is one of the most important economic locations on the planet. And a revolution certainly depletes much production from the world. Should other countries interfere with a national revolution of these proportions? According to the United Nations of Adonia, yes. Moral or not the bombs have ensued. Cities over the country are ablaze, pushing out the Prince's men. This quaint revolution seems more like a full-scale war.


Another battle into the sunset ensues. Fire from the sun and the ground illuminate the landscape.


Some nations supported the Prince. Some supported those nations. Some supported the rebellion. Some supported those supporting the rebellion. . .

Wait what? Chaos basically. A full scale civil war in the planets #1 exporter of Oil and one of the top consumer of many many imports from around the world tends to not just through balance off of the world economy, but make one side of the scale slam against the table.


Al Aaium may be distant from the homeland, but it is still part of it. A major supply source for not only Gansbaai, but the world.


This may not be a simple revolution anymore. . .



The End

It brings me great sadness to announce this, but It's time for Gansbaai to come to an end. I've lost much motivation as well as have had much on my mind. I've grown bored of making perfect things and Gansbaai is feeling less and less like a game/art form. And more of a chore. In no way am I leaving the Sim City world. Just Gansbaai, and am simply moving on.

I guess I don't have much to say. &mmm I'd say it's been a great run. But all things must come to an end.

As some last words, Thank you all so very very much for supporting Gansbaai for this past year. I cannot express this praise in words. Commenters and lurkers alike, you're the people that keep CJ's and MD's going, as well as all others who play the game.



Not much happening still. :dead: I'm still very bored of SC4 aside from rare occasions. I've been playing other games. One included is Portal 2... :whatevs:

Anyways, I got bored.

I wonder what's hidden underneath that shack. :whatevs:



Another teaser. :) This is the new region. The tropical island of Itihat. This is my first major experience with custom lotting. And actually... this picture is far different then as you see it now.


Oh. And here is a clearer image.  ::)


I apologize for the lack of updates. It was the last week of school. There were finals. ect... I've been playing other games as well. I'll get back into SC4 soon enough. ;)




What is this you ask? Why a new region. You'll have to wait to see what it is exactly, but in the meantime why not guess? ;) (It's called a teaser for a reason)



1 Year Anniversary

I'm not usually very good at words or long comments. (Which came to my amazement that more than 1 sentence spouted out of my mouth while writing the Serindriea war.) I usually let the pictures talk. I know I left some more recent updates out of that mosaic... but I really wanted to remind you all of past updates. Ones that don't deserve to be forgotten. It's been a great year. When starting Zukuraai I never thought Gansbaai would get as far as it has today. I want to thank each and every one of you for commenting and viewing my CJ. I truly appreciate it. One whole year already. Time flies. I hope to continue Gansbaai for as long as I can. I don't know what the future holds for my CJ.


A little treat; these are some pictures I have never shown before. Mainly because I planned an update, but only made 2 pictures for it.  &mmm






Also, I recently have been reminded of my first (real) CJ. Tropicana. Only 2 pictures remain. I remember Tropicana well. But due to a computer failure I lost it all. And for some reason I thought it was a bright idea to delete my imageshack folder.



1 year of Gansbaai. Hopefully it can go on for many more. :)



Attack at Sea


Lieutenant Johnson, my commanding officer, called me over to his side. He seemed to like me after frequent talks across the Vascan sea. He informed me of the mission we had. Detailing of the route and stops, ect; As well as our landing location in northern Trentannia. A newspaper lay on the table. Published a few weeks ago, probably obtained back in the country. It read:

--April 29th, 1948--

After years of controversial actions made by Trentannia, the people of Serendriea has been enraged by the most recent one. A major attack on a Naval fleet preforming tests and training in the Alcadean. 3 Cruisers, 4 destroyers and an aircraft carrier where all sunk in this single attack. The attack was unknown to the troops on those ships, and left over 2,000 dead. Serindriea immediately took this as an act of war, in a planet already in a state of extreme revolt and global unrest. Drafts are now in affect in Serindriea. 1.5 million citizens have already been shipped off.

"Is that where we're going Sir?," I asked.

"No," he replied. "We're going out to Trentannia itself. Takin' the war straight to their land."

He showed me a map of western Althena.

"Why is that area around Trentannia colored in grey?" I pondered.

"That is all Trentannian land. Conquered by them over the past few years."

"So, "I questioned again. "Why are we going straight for their homeland? Isn't that rather dangerous?"

"Attacking anything other than the Trenannian homeland would prove useless. They murdered twenty two hundred of our own men. We will murder the same. Any that die along the way. We will get that payback also." He continued, "an eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Our blood has been spilt. We will spill theirs."


---2 weeks later---

Sitting in my bunk in the berthing space quietly, I heard a loud noise. An, explosion of some sorts. I walked down the hallway and into the nearby cafeteria and looked out the porthole in there. I saw a battleship on the horizon. Firing, it seemed, directly at us. I hastily made my way up to the deck. As soon as I reached it I heard a voice say, "QUICK, Get down!"


A mortar shell immediately dug itself a large crater into the deck of the ship. Splintering the wood into millions of shards and igniting a small fire. The Mark-7's quickly begun firing. Piercing my ear drums. A large explosion then over-took this sound. I looked to the starboard and saw the enemy ship ablaze with a hole in it's hull the size of a large bus while sinking like a lead anchor. I saw many people. Rapidly swimming away from the sinking vessel. The Commander hurriedly handed me a gun. I... I recognized it. It was the very same type of gun which my father used to hunt with back when I was a child. As well as what I learned to hunt with. A nostalgic feeling came over me. I remembered better days when I was a child. A loud voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. "Let no one escape alive!" Gunfire then engulfed the airways. The men escaping where being killed like lambs to slaughter. I couldn't get the courage to shoot. I've never killed a man before. Let alone a utterly defenseless one.

"Shoot you bastard," The commander screamed at me. "Don't be a coward! There's no mercy in war, Only death to those who oppose us!"

I froze for a moment, as I felt the barrel of a gun jammed against my temple.

"Shoot or you will be killed with them," he snarled.

I shot. Out of fear of being killed mercilessly by my own men. I attempted as best as I could, to try and not shoot anyone. Bullets simply firing into empty black waters. Immediately, I saw a man die. I knew that it was a bullet from my own gun. I looked down, his body close enough to the ship to where I could see it, his hair wet from the salt water. His tan Trentannian uniform soaked. Then I looked into his cold eyes realizing. I just killed a fellow human being.





...I'm getting shipped off tomorrow. To war. The country is fighting in the largest war in the history of Andonia. I was drafted yesterday, notified by a knock on my door. Luckily I already know how to shoot from my dad while hunting. I'll be better off than others. The Duke ordered for as many people to be sent out as possible. Many without any training whatsoever. Five Million already sent out. Everyone getting packed onto ships, to be sent out tomorrow.


When I got to the docks the Warships where lined up at the docks ready to go. Families saying bye to their relatives being shipped off. Everyone had someone to say goodbye to. Except me. All my friends already drafted. I had no one.



As we shipped off I looked back on the city. Remembering the times I had there. I don't know whether it was good, or bad, that I was leaving. At the moment though, I was happy I was leaving. Goodbye Serindriea. It may possibly be forever.




(You may have seen this elsewhere, but I'm copying this over to Gansbaai, because it forms as a lead-up to something. ;) )


A world in anguish. Serindriea, 1948. The dawn of a new millennium is closing in. People move to this, "beautiful" city every day. Beautiful, I can argue that. This city is hell. Although I have never seen the outside of the city since I was 6, It's safe to amuse we live in a pit of despair. Living in the slums of the city. Well... the entire place is a slum. The wealthy live in the hills. The only wealthy being those favored by the duke. A borderline Tyrant of the city. Following blindly, the people love him. I mean, just throw a few extravagant parties ever year and you can win over the love of the people.


6 years old, when I came here. Then it was nothing more then a few shacks along the riverbed in beautiful forest. Now it is a hellhole. So many factories. A blight place. The contamination is so intense it feels like twilight, even during the day. The air feels like an anchor. Clenched by soot from textile mills and Steel Furnaces. 20 years I've lived here. I don't want to stay much longer.


There used to be small mills. Built from wood, and with shingle roofs. But now massive facilities have taken those over. And smokestacks tower over the city. Across the river many of these still stand. I go there often; to remind me of simpler times. The Oak and Maple trees give the sense of the country side.


The river is a relativity calm one. Only roars in the early spring months after the snow melt. It serves as a good waterway for many ships. Very many, in fact. It's a very busy waterway. The numerous bridges along it don't help much either. Theres massive steel bridges, suspensions, as well as one large rail drawbridge. Famous for it's treacherous location. The ports are almost exclusively industry. But a few unlucky people live down there. And I thought my "home" was bad.



The city boomed as soon as Duke Piarnon Agustine made this his home, after leaving the capitol, Athenea. A strong fierce man. Threatening and tyrannical. Tall with a noticeable scar across his neck. He wasn't always this way. He used to be a great man, when he first came here that is. But power changes people. It can change anyone.

He lives in the hills. Away from the grime and grit of the city. Since living there he has lost his cares for Serindriea. A beautiful place. Trees swaying in the wind, the creeks slowly trickles by. It's easy to loose your cares up there.



Where is Al Aauim?

Not an update but I thought you guys should no where Al Aauim actually is. :P


It's in that red circle...

To see it closer, here are multiple maps of the entire planet. (hidden in spoilers)

Maps of Andonia

Andonia is a planet of the USNW (SC4 Union). Which was drawn all by me. :)

This is the new home of Gansbaai, and it's dependancy of Al Aauim. So get used to it. ;)


HD Beach Mod?


Well more play with modding. I was curious, so I used Orange_o_'s sand textures and made a beach mod. It is really beautiful. There is actually detail in the sand rather than it being flat.




Here is the beach with no MM plops at all. Not photoshopped either.





[Excerpt] - Nouadhibou - A once prospering city. After a stock-market crash in the city, the entire place went bust. The city, now abandoned, is slowly being covered in sands. Increased spending lead to an increase in things people bought. With money they did not have. Millions of loans where taken out by the millions that lived there. Ones that could not be payed back. The banks essentially ran out of money. The city was deserted, going from. upwards of 5 million people, to less than 4,000. practically overnight. An estimate of 3,255 people still reside in the city. Those too poor to get out. The Nouadhibou stock market crash was felt around the world. In Gansbaai, aside from Nouadhibou, not so much. Other kingdoms in Gansbaai did not get hit this hard, mostly due to their poor stature, but it is definite that many countries will ---


The Nouadhibou Dijuibul. 4,600 ft (1,500m) tall. It now stands quiet. No one to tend to it. No one to live in it. The building, which was completed less than 2 months ago, is the tallest structure on the entire planet of Andonia. Despite it being abandoned. What will it be now? Aside from just a spire out of the sands to symbolize the cities once great prosperity.


The Quay. Nouadhibou's finest achievement. Gleaming skyscraper walls along pristinely clear canals. Now being reclaimed by the sands.


The city will slowly be taken back by the desert sands. Slowly...


The Port. Still being built. Now sits vacant. Filled to the brim with un-shipped goods, to remain there forever.


The Nouadhibou Crescent. A grand achievement for the city. A hotel on the water. Now destined to sink.


Construction was everywhere in the city. Mostly, along newly built roads in the middle of the desert. What now but piles of iron and glass standing. Alone.





The planet Andonia. On it lies many nations. One of these is the Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms.

Click for full-size. (Warning - 10,000x5,259 pixles)


The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms are a nation on the Western coast of the Nahazzan Desert. The desert has been slowly encroaching the entire continent for many years now. Desertification on a massive scale. Gansbaai is slowly growing to be a poor country. With the fall of the city of Nouadhibou due to a major financial crisis, the country is as it was in the 90's. Zukuraai is the only city prospering. With it's link to Fushan Qussit still retains it's oil wealth. Khrsybicat, the capitol, is a relatively poor city.People make a living off farming and selling goods at the vast markets.

The southern desert sands give way to a semi-arid climate in the Northern portion of the country. Small scrub lay on the ground while partiality higher elevations give way to pines and even snow in the winter months.

The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms - v.2. A lot is going to come ahead.




Facts and Statistics










Total Population: 9,868,369

Atar: 106,354

Baj Aih: 2,598,001

Élkchdr: 823,400

Khrsybicat: 2,633,065

Kkhaza: 710,807

Maihne: 698,675

Nouadhibou: 90,065

Zouerate: 2,208,002


Official Name: Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms

Short Name: Gansbaai

Demonym: Gansbaaian

Capitol: Khrsybicat

Largest City(Including Dependencies): Al Aauim

Largest City: Zukuraai

Currency: Gainsbaai Corrah - $1 = 11 Corrah

Enieo - $1 = .5 Enieo

Official Language(s): Arabic @ 93.65%

Official Religion(s): Islam @ 86.56%


(all based on # per 1,000)

Growth Rate: .29

Birth Rate: 19.66

Death Rate: 6.54

Migration Rate: -6.04

Life Expectancy: 76.51




Phone Code: 111-111[111]

Phone Lines in use (land): 4,146,000

Phone Lines in use (wireless): 2,900,000

Internet Code: .rgk

Internet Users: 1,546,000


International Airports: 9

Kilometer's of Railroad: 5,500

Kilometer's of Road: 221,372



I am currently unsure about Gansbaai and The wild west right now. I am getting... bored with them. Honestly I don't know what to do. Work just is now excruciatingly slow. I plop 3 trees and then I get sick of it. I'm currently asking myself, what should I do? I'm thinking of maybe writing a story of some sorts. If anyone has any ideas, I am totally open.

For now I shall be taking a bit of a break. For me a break could just be a few weeks (I usually play SC4 everyday) but again, I am unsure. I'm just not able to find anything really exiting at the moment. Maybe writing a story can trigger my imagination.

Let me clearly state. This is not dead. I'm just taking some time off to brainstorm ideas.  2.gif




Flora Work in Al Aauim

Alright. There was a large amount of comments about it, so I finnally decided to do this. I hope you all appreciate it. 

This is NOT A TUTORIAL. This is simply showing a area being made, from start to finish. 1.gif

Custom Content: -All the MM-plops that I use.

JRJ Transparent Plopable Water
Transparent plopable water

Flora Set by Sorchin
This come with water which I use a lot, as well as rocks too.

HBS Ploppable Chihuahuan Desert Mod
I use these A LOT in my Wild West region.

GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Tree Set
GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set
Awesome stuff for tropical areas.

SimFox TreePack #2
I think everybody has these. 

Simfox's Chesnuts

PEG PPond Terrain Props Pack 1
Again, think everyone has these. Nice plopables PEG made.

RRP Pasture Flora ChrisAdamas3997
Nice pasture flora.

PEG MTP Mayor Menu Scrub Brush Mod
Maxis scrub for mayor mode.

HBS Tropical Flora Pack
Nice trees, as well as plopable sands which are really awesome.   The trees are a bit too green. I usually use them mostly for small areas.

HBS Ploppable Volcanic Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Sandy Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Mossy Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Maxis Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Gray Marble Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Grassy Rock Mod
A bunch of rocks by Heblem.

nbvc - Grey Rocks

JRJ Plop a Garbage

So today lets all build a river.  10.gif

I am building this river in a tough location. On the side of a mountain. Not much flat ground up hmere.

Lets run a street (hopefully you have a slope mod) up where we want the river. This will help make the terrain around the stream easier to make, and the water will look much nicer too because it is on ground only sloped in 1 direction. Where I am building mine, there is already a eroded, canyon, of sorts. So it seemed like a decent place to build it. (I am using a real-world based map.)


...ran it up almost the whole mountain...


Now. What water shall we use?
I am going to skip PEG's because it's too dark for what I envision.

Scorchin's water?


Love the color on this one.
Lets see jeronij's transparent water.


Nice, but lets see something first.
I tried out random plop-flora on each of them. jeronij's, being transparent, is above the ground some ways so that smaller things will appear under it.

In most cases I would use scorchin's water, but I think for this particular thing I will use the transparent water.


Although lets fix 1 thing. Lets use the 1/2 tile sized water rather than the full-tiled sized one. It will make a smoother shoreline.


Onto the flora. 2.gif  ... kinda...

An important thing is to work with the terrain. You can easily cover up 100% of it and have JUST ploppable flora, but I don't like that.


And yes, I use many different MM-plopables. Even on areas this small.


Now for some small grass?

Here I just plopped some of heblem's grass from his tropical flora pack, and chrisadam's grass. (hard to see here)


Here I've added simfox's trees. I'm not going into immense detail for reasons. You should place this stuff on what you feel is right. Not randomly, and not uniform. There may be types of trees in one area, but not another. In real life the same types of trees are not everywhere.


You could although.... use this shortcut....  3.gif

I've tried making a tree controller using simfox's trees. Not THAT divers, but it works for me because it works as a good filler for large expanses.
I've atached the file to the bottom of this post for anyone who is interested.  2.gif

You need simfox's tree pack as well as Heblem's Tropical Flora Pack. (Links at the top of the post.)


THIS however is not a large expanse of land. So let's continue using the MM plops and not a god mode brush.


Adding various flora along the shoreline.

You can see more then 1 type of flora that I add. There are actually a lot of different types of grass under & near heblem's desert flora.



Thats all for today.

Next update I will show the finished area and more. (It will look a lot better.)


And for those interested,

Simfox's tree controller - Linkie
You need Simfox tree pack and the HBS Tropical Flora Pack.


Terrain Work

I posted this in the SC4D projects board, but I also wanted to share with you all here.

First off rock mods.

Nothing special, since these are NOT MY TEXTURES. Their from Orange's terrain mod and I was just screwing around. Pretty much only for personal use.  2.gif

I was trying for some icy rock textures at higher altitudes. I may try to make my own textures, since these are a bit repetitive and bland. (For cliff textures anyway)


This one looks like a very, eroded and smoothish rock.

Again, not my textures, but I was just trying this out to get some ideas.


Now onto my terrain mod.

I am currently editing my Socorro Terrain mod which I realesed on the STEX before Christmas. ->me<-

It was originally for my wild west region. (Which I am trying to Taylor it customly for)

The textures at lower altitudes are fine. Right now I am trying to get some nice High-Alpine looks.

I got a nice effect in this picture, but I was hoping to get it a bit brighter.

However this still needs a lot more work.

As you can see, Theres a large mess of textures at the higher altitudes.


See?... Really horrid. It looks like I was drunk when making made my terrain mod.

Ennedi made some nice high-altitude terrain in this post, as well as this post which I am trying to mimic a bit using some of Orange's textures.

I know I need to make some textures myself when doing this. But I'll do that when I have time. 2.gif

My terrain mod WAS nice.. but at the moment I completely messed it up trying to get it how I want. 18.gif

Also, any help is greatly appreciated.  3.gif



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