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  1. This happens to me as well, and it frustrates me to no end because my cities specializes in multiple goods. There are goods coming in, being produced and going out all within one city (oil>plastic and alloys >processors>tv). I think the game gets confused or what I'm doing is too much for it to calculate what I'm doing. Also, the imports are expensive and I constantly have to micromanage the city's budget.
  2. Back to December

    The trees are so pretty and so is that beach house. Awesome journal!!
  3. TSC Girafe - TGV Atlantique

    it looks like a shinkansen. so i love!
  4. TSC Girafe - TGV Atlantique

    it looks like a shinkansen. so i love!
  5. Learning from simcity 4

    The black overlay on the abandoned buildings look terrible to any simcity 4 building. I hope Cities XL addresses abandonment of buildings better.
  6. Paranor Island [SCJU Full Member]

    This city is so believable. You are a man of great talent (and time!)
  7. MP McDonald Complex

    nice. dirty and realistic i like for downtown areas
  8. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    I have a plugin that seems to change the dirt terrain to a more 'pleasant' texture underneath my roads and rail but it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing next to other textures. Does anyone know the name of this plug in so I can remove it from my monstrous folder of plugins? Cheers!
  9. Post your boxes!

    have Somy's LNG installed. It seems to work but there is a dependency file missing apparently and I can't seem to find any link to it (tried redownloading the file to no success).
  10. Rain Mod

    +1. In need of this great plug in. Could someone please upload it to STEX? Havent heard from him and the rain mod is not available in the terrain pack
  11. 1st official trailer

    Originally posted by: Theirishnintendonerd Remeber the simcity 4 trailer. It looked as good as this ... Trailers don't give what the fial game will look like.quote> well considering they're using the ingame graphics to showcase this game I'd say there's a fairly good chance that WYSIWYG i.e. the game will look as good if not better when they've optimized the engine by 2009.
  12. HSRP - The End for now

    Any updates to this issue of sims not using the stations? I've encountered it too but i guess we havent figured out what causes this to happen yet. Anybody willing to post a screenshot showing their HSRP station being queried with the transport tool to show us (*****s) that it works?
  13. NDEX ITS Brenntrail Set NAM Curve Station

    holy awesomeness!
  14. WII park

  15. HSRP - The End for now

    Originally posted by: Benlemaire i can't make bridges. All works fine, but i only have monorail when crossing a riverquote> I have the same problem and the strange thing was that it initially worked when I installed the HSRP NAM addon. I installed some other plugins (a train/GLR station, buildings) and installed the custom rail bridges and alas I cannot bridge without getting the monorail option anymore. Please help!! double edit: I have confirmed that the 'steel Viaduct' and 'BLaM Arched Viaduct' have to reside within the 'Network Addon Mod folder' (root) and not the 'Additional Bridges' folder in order for coexistence with the custom bridges.