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  1. I should be able to make it work for me as well, then. I will try a complete re-installation myself as soon as I find the time and report whether that fixes the problem or not... in any case, thanks for your support! =)
  2. Any help with this is appreciated, but don't feel pressured on my account, the stations seem to work fine otherwise ;-) I'd tell you about other mods I have installed which could possibly conflict with RTMT, but other than NAM (3.2), I don't think there is anything network related in my plugin folder. Is there a specific file responsible for these labels which I might have deleted or failed to delete? Is there a way for me to check if the correct file is installed? I'm thinking the vanilla stops might be from the previous RTMT version and perhaps they were not overwritten, or both versions are there, and the older one gets loaded last? Not that I actually know anything about this stuff ^^
  3. I have added two screenshots to make sure we're taking about the same thing and to illustrate the problem: Working for SAM: Not working for vanilla networks (example shows only street, it's the same for road and avenue): Both screenshots were taken with the "traffic" data view active, of course. If this is indeed not how it is intended, what might be the cause?
  4. Very useful, looks much better esp. if you have a terrain mod installed =)
  5. Indeed it is, thanks =) If I may take the opportunity to make some suggestions for future updates: 1. Make it clear in the readme that if you don't want to install the DAMN menus, you can simply delete the DAMN folder and thus use the regular menu. I was rather uncertain about this, as the phrasing seemed to imply that the DAMN menu is not optional; in the end I just tried it that way, but other users might not think of that. 2. Can we have the large, hovering labels the SAM stops sport during inspection mode for all versions? They not only look great, they make it much easier to tell where your stops are, esp. in more developed cities. A fine addition! Best regards
  6. United Nations Building

    The old upload on the LEX presented this as a CAMeLot. Is this CAMpatible?
  7. ___EDIT Please disregard my request, I have discerned the cause of the problem myself: 'RTMTV3_RoadTextures_Standard.dat' was missing in the plugin folder. I must assume that I have deleted it accidentally during the installation process. Of course, I noticed this a few minutes after posting here and not during my hour long efforts before -_- Working fine now, thanks for your great mod! ___EDIT I used an older version of RTMT in the past without problems. Recently I've reinstalled SC4 with NAM 32 and RTMT 3.50 + the 3.60 addon following the readme's instructions to the letter. Strangely enough, while the SAM lots work fine, the standard street, road and avenue versions have invisible base textures - take a look at the screenshot below to see what I mean. I've already tried removing the NAM "Standard Retexture and Cosmetic Mod" since I figured there might be a texture conflict, but the problem persists. What might cause this, and how can it be resolved? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I used to rely on the road top stations a lot and I'd like to use them again =/
  8. 14 Story Brutalist Hospital

      Which one is the intact version? I've tried both "CV10x5_14 Story Hospital_3008eb14.SC4Lot" and "CV10x5_14 Story Hospital_3008eb14(1).SC4Lot" to no avail. Also, I don't understand what "CV7x5_14 Story Hospital_3008eb14.SC4Lot" is for. In any case, the Lot stays bare. Can anyone help?
  9. Hospital

    Original and well designed =) I only had problems choosing the updated .zip file (identical names, no time stamp), I went with the slightly bigger one. Maybe you could give some indication which file is the more recent version? In any case, thanks!
  10. chubs Private Healthcare Facility

    I totally agree with andrewsimpson, will vote after some gameplay testing =)
  11. Downtown Athletic Club

    Awesome idea, very original, adds variety and flavour =)
  12. Kane Memorial Hospital

    Good idea despite some questionable design decisions. Can we have a version with two or three helipads? ;-)
  13. Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Unusual, a good choice for one of your 'Beverly Hills' type outlying $$$-communities. Thanks =)
  14. Large Luxus Clinic

    Nice, seems to fill a functional vacancy. I'll give it a try despite the very bright white ;-)
  15. Ozone Hospital updated

    Very interesting design, could be perfect for a futuristic high density $$$-city. If someone were to add textures, that is... ^^