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  1. Clark Tower

    Very nice !!! I love the color a 10
  2. Park Hyatt Tower Chicago

    Thanks a 10+
  3. The Cobb Emerald Park Building

    Very nice!!!10+
  4. GDV Water Taxi Station wBus Stop New Water Taxi

    WOOOOOOW!!!! I love it
  5. Lexington Homes

    very nice!!
  6. DuskTroopers Azuriko Plaza

    one of the best 10/11
  7. Transamerica Pyramid

    I love it 10/10
  8. JENXPARISCornerhouse1b

    I stay many times in PARIS. This is a very realistic building with "BISTRO". a10+
  9. Edificio Claude Debussy

    nice nice 10
  10. Morgen Tower

    I love it a10+++++
  11. DuskTroopers Frank Archai Tower

    very nice----a10+
  12. Brasil Museu Oscar Niemeyer Curitiba

    sorry but i don't like it
  13. The Cobb Altura Tower

    wow ,you are a BATMASTER----10+