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  1. Wierd Bugs?

    The building density also depends on the capacity of the road. If you want to increase density make sure you upgrade your road to the highest density. Also, check your desirability of your zoned area. If the desirability is too low, Sims will not move in. Try placing some parks and make sure the area has access to schools (bus stops), to increase the chance of Sims moving in. Other than that, make sure you are providing enough fire, police and health coverage and you have enough extra power and water to accomodate the increased density.
  2. Help concerning SC4D on Windows XP

    What is the operating system of your second computer? The digital verison of SC4D will run on Windows 10. The CD version of SC4D will not run on Windows 10 due to the fact that Microsoft killed the service that checked the security on the game CD with Windows 10. My recommendation is that you purchase the digital copy of SC4D from GOG (as Cori suggested) since this version is fully patched and DRM free. The digital version will run on any Windows version from XP to Windows 10. If you do decide to get the digital verison, DO NOT purchase if from Origin. There are way too many issues with that version. Also, I would not recommend the Steam version either, since there is some DRM with that version.
  3. ILive's Reader v1.5.4

    Like Cori said, iLive uses an installer, which won't run because of the error....therefore no access to any of the DLLs and no possibility of running version 1.54. I will follow MS advice posted in Cori's link and uninstall my current C++ 2010 version and either let the iLive installer install the expeceted version or go to the MS website and install it from there. Edit: Update - I uninstalled the C++ 2010 version that was causing the issue. ILive's Reader installed fine after that. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Anybody ever notice....

    So I guess when SC4 rotates, it is rotating you, and not the map. I guess I would prefer that the map would rotate (I like to sit still ).
  5. Anybody ever notice....

    Okay, I have pictures now. In this first picture, notice the direction indicator (arrow 1) is pointing "up" or "north" or whatever you want to call it. If you imagine that you are looking at a clock, the direction is indicating 12:00. You also notice that I am about to click the left rotate arrow, aka the 'rotate clockwise' arrow (arrow 2). I would expect that the direction indicator would rotate clockwise and would end up pointing to the right, or the 3:00 position. So I click the left rotate (clockwise) arrow and here is what I get. You see after the rotation occurs, the the direction indicator ends up rotating left (counterclockwise) and ends up in the 9:00 position. Now you can't tell me that is not messed up.
  6. I was trying to install iLive's reader version 1.5.4 on my machine, but when it tries to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable file, I get the error 'Your machine does not meet the requirements to install this software' because apperantly I have a newer version of C++ 2010 installed. My question is do I just uninstall the current C++ 2010 file I have and try to re-install, or is there some other work around to get Reader 1.5.4 to install? Currently I do have Reader version 0.93 and 1.5.2 installed and working on my machine. OS is Windows 7 Professional.
  7. Anybody ever notice....

    IDK, maybe that's what the original programmers were thinking when they wrote that code. Still doesn't seem logical to me
  8. I have always wonderd if anybody else has ever noticed that the Rotate function in SimCity 4 Deluxe is reversed? My SC4 install is on a Windows 7 machine. When I hover over the rotate map arrow on the left, the pop up says 'clockwise' and the arrow does show the clockwise direction. When I click on it, the map rotates counterclockwise. When I hover over the rotate map arrow on the right, the pop up says 'counterclockwise' and the arrow does show the counterclockwise direction. When I click on it, the map rotates clockwise. As far as I can remember, my SC4 has always done this. Even when I had it installed on my XP desktop. Just curious, is this common knowledge? Has anybody else noticed this on their game? I know it's not a big deal, and I have adjusted to this idiosyncrasy, but sometimes it bothers my sense of engineering logic. At least the zoom +/- works correctly. I wonder what other idiosyncrasies people have noticed.?
  9. Some mods not working

    Good choice in using the GOG version! On my Windows 7 install I still use the original CD version, but on my Windows 10 install I use the GOG version. I must say, that the GOG version seems to be the most trouble free version to use. I also got SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Doom, Doom II, Descent, Descent II and Descent III from GOG and they all run without issue. If anybody is trying to decide which electronic version of SC4 to buy, I would highly recommend getting the GOG version (as Cori also recommended). Absolutely stay away from the Origin version. The Steam version may be okay but does come with some DRM attached to it.
  10. Show us your - Region

    In keeping with the volcano theme how about 'Ge Thiodes' (Land of Brimestone). BTW, looks like a really nice region to build on.
  11. Japan

    As always stunning work!! I especially like the rice paddies and tea plantations. Very realistic!
  12. Restore these lost files please!

    In accordance with Cori's post above, I would suggest that the procedure for restoring lost files is as follows: 1) Any memeber that discovers a broken link or file on the STEX requests the STEX moderators to restore it. 2) If it can be restored by the moderators then they will restore it and no further action is needed. 3) If the moderators cannot restore the file, then an attempt to contact the original creator should be made to see if they can repost the file. 4) If number 3 fails, then a call out to the community can be made to see if anybody has a copy of the file that can be used to restore it on the STEX. Point number 4 should only be done if the original creator of the content cannot be contacted or they give permission to restore the file.
  13. Using original CDs on Windows 10

    Actually my ISP has something similiar. I can create what they call 'Disposable Adresses'. Basically it is an email base name with a -identifier @domain.com add on. Any email sent to the disposable address shows up in your main email account, but can't be traced to the main account. So if I start getting a lot of Spam, I know which disposable address it is being sent to. I just delete that disposable address and poof, problem solved. My ISP allows me to have up to 10 main email accounts, from which I can create up to 500 disposable addresses each. I can create up to a grand total of 5000 disposable email addresses.
  14. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Actually mattb325 has left the site to persue other interests. So, it seems MushyMushy is it for the moment.
  15. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    My guess is that this building is based off of Boeing's first manufacturing plant, also known as the Big Red Barn. But that's just my guess.