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  1. Show us your - Region

    I used drunkapple's Bris Vegas region (located here). However, I found his map too large so I "shrunk" the region my modifying the size of the grey scale and created my own config.bmp. Shrinking the region made the mountains steeper and more rugged. I think it actually turned out quite nice.
  2. Back to Rural Again!

    Great update! So much to visually enjoy. I espicially like pictures 4, 9 and 14. And what a great idea, putting a little Gazebo by the river bend for your Sims to enjoy the scenery.
  3. Can see "through" plop's floors

    That I would agree with. I do remember now that when I tried using some shipping containers by Fanta1990 (posted by apeek), I did get some graphical oddities. The containers were all solid colors with no detail. When I switched to DirectX (after driver update), the containers displayed normally. However, while I was using OpenGL, all my other HD content displayed normally.
  4. Can see "through" plop's floors

    I don't think that is correct. I used OpenGL for many years with plenty of HD content and no issues (other than the PEG Mountain Trails). I only switched last year to DirectX when Intel updated their driver. Before that, any HD content that I was using was a black graphic blob if I used DirectX. The only option that worked for me using HD content was OpenGL.
  5. Video Montage of Pololomia

    Fantastic update! I especially like pictures 5 and 6. Your CJ always gives me great ideas on how to improve my cities. Thanks!
  6. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for basing a reason of banning on whales.
  7. Guess Who's Next V2

    No. Sorry However, Stitch will show up now.
  8. Can't get my tech level up

    You will have to build up to getting the university. Once you get the university, you will have to add on to it different schools (like the school of engineering) to build up the tech level. It takes a while to get to that level. However, you only need one university in the region to enable you to build the tech level of the whole region.
  9. Ask a forumer anything...

    I don't like sports. I do indivual things like biking, running, lifting weights. I have zero interest in team sports. Do you know how to speak more than one language fluently. If you do, why did you learn the second language?
  10. The Word Chain

  11. Change a Letter Game v2

  12. Corrupt a Wish Game (v4)

    Granted all wishes at the same time, but since you didn't wish for any things, you get no things. I wish I desired to only eat healthy things.
  13. The Preference Game

    Right-handed driving. Google or DuckDuckGo?
  14. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for breaching through water surface tension.
  15. Guess Who's Next V2

  16. Can't get my tech level up

    What about schools? You will need grade schools, highschools, colleges and universities to educate your sims. Smart sims raise the tech level.
  17. Regions

    There is no regions folder for SimCity 2013. Since the regions are pre-determined by the game, there is no need for a regions folder. If you look under MyDocument\SimCity\Games, that is were the informaiton for each region you are playing locally is stored. However, the data is nonsensical and can only be used by the game.
  18. Can see "through" plop's floors

    Unfortunately, switch zone view does not take care of the issue. I did double check the install with the dependency list and also have in the past re-downloaded the file just to be sure I had everything. The weird thing is that when I first plop the lots they are perfectly normal. It is only after I change a zoom level with the lots out of view, and then go back to view the lots, that the clear base appears. Once the clear base appears it stays until either I demolish the lot and replop, or exit the city and then reload it.
  19. Can see "through" plop's floors

    I actually did update the driver in 2016 with the one you mentioned (and acutally you had suggested in another post..Thanks ) Before I updated the driver I could only use the OpenGL option. DirextX would give me black voids everywhere. With the latest driver I can now use the DirectX option with no issue except the clear base for the Mountain Paths. If I want to take a snapshot that includes the mountain paths, I just demolish them and re-plop them. Kind of an annoyance, but I can live with it.
  20. Show us your - Region

    My region of Hebron has reached the ripe old age of 275. If compared with previous post of Hebron, you will notice that the region continues to grow as the cities move into the green spaces. Thanks to the Farm Preservation Act of 263, it is now a lot harder to develope farm land (though not impossible). There is still much to be done in the region. My goal is to reach over 1 million sims and then start with the MMPs to enhance the look of the region.
  21. Can see "through" plop's floors

    Even using -d:DirectX or -d:OpenGL you may still get the issue on some lots. I have one set of lots, the Pegaus Mountain paths, that look fine when they are first plopped, but develop the clear base after a while. I have tried both the DirectX and OpenGL setting. So far they are the only lots that exhibit the problem on my system (Windows 7 Pro, with Intel Graphics)
  22. SPAM how to get bigger farm buildings

    How many neighbor connections do you have? Farms need a place to ship their crops. Also since demand and population are region wide (assuming you have neighbor connections) it also helps to have farms in neighboring cities and to have a few residential cities to create larger demand for farm products. The region population counts for stage limits. You have to have enough people in your region to get to the higher stages of the farm buildings.
  23. I would say "playing the game" player. I tend to try for realistic growth. Meaning I first develop my regions as mainly farmland interspersed with small towns. As the small towns grow, the farmland is eaten up and the towns merge into a megapolis. I also try to respect the landscape. An example would be that sometimes (IRL) it easier to go around the mountain than over it.
  24. Part of city block too repetitive

    One possibility to make sure you delete all the unwanted buildings from your cities before getting rid of it from your plugin folder is use the following steps: 1) Delete the model file of the undesirable building, but leave the lot file. 2) Open every city in your region. If the undesirable building is in the city, you should see a brown box (because of the missing model). 3) Delete all the brown boxes from every city in the region. Make sure you pause the city when you open it so that the undesirable building doesn't regrow and you possibly miss one. 4) Once that is complete, delete the rest of the files for the undesirable building from your plugin folder. You should now be able to play your region safely without worry of corrupting any cities due to the deleted building. If the building is bundled in a .dat file you will have to open the Reader and delete the model exampler from the .dat file to use this method. As always, I would highly recommend making a backup of your plugin/region folder before attempting any change such as deleting buildings from your plugin file.