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  1. Russia may invade Poland

    Seriously LOL! reading some of your comments makes me laugh LOL! dont mean to insult anyone here but Russia attacking Poland is too stupid of an idea! The russian know they cant take on western countries (NATO, US, etc,...) even though they have a huge military that remember outdated and suck comparing to US! But we all know russia is preparing for attacking western counries one day! example the military exercise's carried out with China and central asian countries which if u remember where called defending from US! But seriously they (china and russia) attacking western countries is outragely funny today! Russia and China will move to more aggressive in about 40 years when both are strongest toward more open warfare! WW3 is closer then we may thing!
  2. Iraqi Uranium Factory

    LOL! How do u come with this stuff POOTY? Give me your secret!
  3. Get your Maxis files here!

    I have the same problem, cant find simcity update ep 1 ??? Anyone plz help? also where can i find BAT construction program I wanna build parliament hill of Ottawa?
  4. Improved Traffic Volume View

    Awesome, 10x man! Great Job with the colors and %'s!
  5. NDEX Communist Tenement by Frogface

    LOL, haven't seen this building for 10 years now!!! I mean the real one!
  6. NDEX GLRtoSubway Transition

    finally, something like this appeared, keep it up!