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  1. Minecraft

    I haven't bought a copy yet, but it's definitely on my do-want-list. Minecraft is what I wished Spore and SimCity to be all along, a creativity tool that forces the player to get creative in order to make progress.
  2. What frustrates you about sim city 4

    1. No copy/paste options 2. No undo/redo options 3. Dependencies 4. All mods feel so applied and unnatural in the game 5. The fact that you need to hack the DAT-file to intrigate the mods and plugins into the game. 6. The menus, it's too inconvenient scrolling through all buildings. 7. The fact that it's too easy to screw up your city and never fix the issue ever again.
  3. Change a letter Game

  4. Change a letter Game

  5. The worst building in the world

    Originally posted by: HeZe Out of place? This belongs to outer space!quote> Are you kidding me?! That building looks awesome! Thank you, video games! Although that white concrete building at the background feels like it belongs to a low-income suburb. Last time I checked, outer space was a way cooler place than those kinds of suburbs.
  6. I'd rather...

    I'd rather be a dustkeeper than a gun seller.
  7. Bout time the simcity fans strike back!!

    Hm, after seeing these opinions about signing petitions and rioting against EA, I made a little experiment on the internet. Experiment: Google "simcity". Goal: Search for where Simtropolis' homepage appears. Result: It came on hit number 65 at page 7. Conclusion: I might have flaws in this experiment, but generally our website is quite invisible to the big guys in EA, even though we actually have the biggest effect on current Sim City game today. We are such an underground cult, nobody knows of us. I can't tell so much more, internet's going down. See ya, DT
  8. XBOX 360, PS3 or Wii?

    Wii - Good idea with motion sensor, but way too silly and non-serious games. Xbox 360 - There are no good games for that American. IMO ultra-violent games are just pain and no pleasure. PlayStation 3 - Who can afford a Rolls Royce? I select none of these pieces of golden junk. If you're still under 18, take the chance to study to an game console maker, and create your own dream gaming console. *doing 'Black Power' pose even though I'm white as milk*
  9. Photo Album: Futropolis

    Keep it going, I love futuristic cities.
  10. 54th Eurovision Song Contest

    Originally posted by: suomi2005 Well I think the level was very high in this years contest many countries did really try hard. I don't like the fact that pepole have been accuseing easteuropean countries for winnig because for voting each other tough it is partly true, but also many western countries have given high points to east european countries preforming in the contest and you have to admier the hard work that they put in to it all and many of them is really coming up with good songs in the competion while many west european countries has year after year not even botherd. But this year with the new system even UK and France had really amazing songs I loved them. My top three favourites this year was 1. Estonia a very beautiful song, 2.Albania and 3 Russia. You have to remember that Finland and Greece are more western european tough they are located very eastward and both have won in recent years. Also many of the east european countries are new in the contest and even preforming in theire own language. I don't know much about the old times, I started watching the contest year 2002 when it was held in Tallinn. Grattis Norge!!! Sadly Waldo's pepole didn't do well the hopes was really high over here and we wherer sure about a placement among the top ten guess that europop isn't so pop in europe anymore tough waldos music is pretty popular in nightclubs in mediterranean touristlocations. Finland has been a very long time in the eurovisions and has won once in 2006 and did get the 6th place in year 1962 with the song tipitii.quote> I'd like to say that why also the West European countries votes for East European countries, is due to to that those who votes there are also East Europeans. How come? Well, they are immigrants (Nothing bad against immigrants. In fact I want my country to be multi-cultural) from other countries, who vote for the country they have main roots in, for obvious reasons. And the results clearly shows what minority dominates each country, e.g. Turks in Germany, Greeks in the UK, Serbs in Scandinavia and so on. But I do somewhat agree with you that the Eastern acts are better, at least in performance. You know, more themes, more moves, more dancing, more properties, and not least, more skin. So it's also about being unique in the contest and sticking out, or it's simply just that the artist has super-star status in the bigger part of the continent. If you're unfamiliar with Eurovision, you can clearly see that this competition is more complicated than it looks like and you will still not be be fully informed if you've read the official rules, because they only shape the contest's basis. The unofficial, unwritten rules, on the other hand, are what decides how the whole contest is shaped and those rules are very important when you're going to participate and/or vote in the Eurovision. You even have to think about those rules in the national pre-selection and any tiny and seemingly unimportant decision you make, will give drastic consecquences on how the final scoreboar might look like. You have to be careful where you step your foot. No wonder why an entire nation goes entirely Coco Bello if their representive doesn't do well. This is a reason why some people doesn't bother the contset, but other, like me, are fully engaged in the Eurovision due to it's consecquencal complexity. Just my two cents, Deep Thought
  11. If you were God

    If I we're God, I'd do enough amounts of actions that would overload the server if I'd write down all of them.
  12. I'd rather...

    I'd rather live where I'm living now than moving to a new home.
  13. Change a letter Game

  14. SC4 Japaniese population mod

    Update: I actually have the statue now, but it's rather a super landmark. Just search 'Angel Statue' at the STEX. In case if you don't know what I mean with this statue, in a video Jamie posted on YouTube, the population mod appears as a statuethat looks lika a half-nude angel. Although as I said, it's just a YIMBY booster as I've understood on the description.
  15. What really irritates me is that I have to choose between growth and environment. For example, in the suburbs (which is pretty much how far I've got), I isolate neighbourhoods (in about size 8*8 tiles) and provide every cell with a subway station. The problem is, a lot of houses are getting the long commute time zot, because they seem to refuse to get to work in anything but their car. So what I want is mod that makes the sims think more environmentally and take the mass transit to work and let the car stay in the garage, so that my ecological thinking won't be an obstacle in the city construction.