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About this City Journal

However this follows a tale of a new Kingdom beginning to find it's roots and discovering their Future.

Entries in this City Journal


 On Kingsplain some 40 km from Futropolis City Centre lies the spaceport.

it is officially known as the Kingsplain Intergalactic Spaceport and Route Traffic Control.

The travelers, tourists, and business tourists of the Rezanon Intergalactic Kingdom use this port as it is a large port by standards.

Now let us lay our eyes on the actual port


These Ships are orbital ferries. they travel around the Hypoli System from Rezanon to Ares and Alpha 3 the moons of Rezanon to the great gas giant planets moons and space stations


this a view of the entire spaceport. Many o the ships that are accepted here are QAUSAR Galleons which are huge, have orange stripes and were built at Tau Kinematic shipyards in Japan back on Earth.

kingsplainspaceportandg.pngmany of the ships here were built on Earth. HRMSS Destroyer is a 2500 gunner Dreadnought class Military cruiser,

it can be seen at the top of the picture (second to last) the ship is only used during times of war, the last was around 2500

kingsplainspaceportandg.pngThis is the Space Route control centre, a huge building which accommodates Rezanon Space traffic control and Military Deployment CentreN

kingsplainspaceportandg.pngNow you can see most of the Spaceport. Taking Centre pride of the picture is the Quasar Cosmoliners, which are very fast. in fact they can travel at around 3x the speed of light, as they use darkmatter engines.

Thank you for viewing this update, hope to update again soon,


P.S Please Comment


This is the photo album for Futropolis


This is the west beach area, it is know as a prestigous area. just off shore is a lighthouse, named Scaregull Rock


This is the Neptune Tower: it is also a huge office space. it is owned by a company named Qausar Spacevessels.co


This is the waterfront docks. they were built for leisure purposes


This is the city's skyline which was taken from a jet at night.

in this picture at the bottom left you can see our parliament and slightly more to the left the Cathedral of Saint Steve.

who is the deity of the Kingdom and planet


This is the Champions Arena, which is used for soccer, Rugby And Baseball. the field grass is fake and is on a prism rotaional divice so with the flick of a switch it can turn the fields around

this is all i have,

i am now off to bed as i live in the UK

so bye.



An Eon ago, in the year 2012, a Crisis Struck Earth. the oil rigs of earth stopped drilling.

and Earth Ground to a halt. The lifestyle of our generation has completely used the last reserves and drilled it out of the ground.

Our only hope was to Generate clean power. we could not generate enough though. so our only hope was to scan the skies for other worlds.

eventually around 5 years later, we did. we found the planet of Rezanon. we were saved, it had the right air qualities, Oceans of Liquid water and incredibly, Life similar to ours.

We Colonized and made this world our own. But then the Universe was rocked by the greatest independence Declaration in history. The World of Rezanon rebelled against Earths rule and took matters of law into it's own hands.

Earth has now Recognized the declaration over 40 years after presentation. and then set to work on building a city worthy of Kings, ministers, priests, Businessmen, bankers and politicians. They also asked a researcher named Lance to find a language worth of kings.  

the adopted the language of the native Nature Elves but also carried English to the planet.

Now i show you the city that they built over 900 years before.

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