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  1. New Radio Station

    ok haha
  2. TG 4 Bentall Centre

  3. Playboy Commercial offices

    Lot is big. building is interesting. Yankees stink though.
  4. NDEX ITS Cobalt House Birmingham

    I love it. I just can't seem to get the night lights to work. Do you know why it might not be working correctly. I have the correct texture pack.
  5. lights don't work

    But the only buildings that don't light up are the ones I download from this site. All the other ones work just fine.
  6. lights don't work

    I am also having trouble with night lights. The problem I have though is with nightlights from buildings like NDEX or BSC. I thought I saw somewhere that I could download a file to fix the problem. I already have the NDEX and BSC mega packs. I'm still a little confused. I'd appreciate any tips.