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  1. New and confused/frustrated

    Use a water tower or a simple pump and run water lines
  2. *-*-* "Dance with the dead in my dreams, Listen to their hallowed screams. The dead have taken my soul, Temptation's lost all control." – Slayer, Dead Skin Mask *-*-* Replies: NMUSpidey: Oh Yes it does! Thanks Mymyjp: I have always felt that the jungle of parking lots makes industrial zones come to life! Thanks... Ln X: Thanks, I have a lot of iconic Gotham feels to show and some other not so comic or movie feel. StarFire01: Thanks! Mrsmartman: Thanks, the elevated and GLR is intense as Gotham really has no true City Planner, thanks to the many many many writers and artists that have created this jumbled City. mutton noir: Thanks, the insanity of build up is started to wear thin on my creativity. I am so glad that I am almost done with the urban mega jungle and can start working on the massive suburbs and rural zones. *-*-* *-*-* From the Gotham Independent Network, WGOB-TV Channel 42, is proud to present in full color the exciting local series of Gotham City: Under Pressure Episode S01E04 Gotham City: Under Pressure - Personal Jesus Scene: Day, Old Downtown, Kane Island September 29th, 1984 - Old Downtown, Kane Island Attendance has fallen off drastically over the last ten years at Gotham's churches. The oldest church building in the city is the Gotham Cathedral, still used by the Catholic Church, although reductions in funding have led some of it be to be abandoned. Among those remain religious, Protestantism is typical, with Catholicism second. Smaller and stranger faiths pop up and die from time to time, but in general, faith has withered with the spirit of the city. Saint Pius Cathedral Jack runs into the church past the Statue of Christ, without giving the signs of the cross as he passes. He goes into the back corridors as he has done many times before. He reaches out to grab a door handle and he sees Father Williams at the end of hall. They do not say a word to one another, instead Jack just enters the room. A young woman sits in a wooden chair reading a bible. She sees him and stands up. Personal Jesus “Jack!” They embrace” “Mary!” They move towards her meager bed and sit down. “What is it Jack?” “It happened again.” “Who was it this time” “Jeff Lyons” He opens a small satchel. “No Jack.” She tries to stop him by placing her hand on his arm. “I have to get rid of the demons, Mary” “No Jack, that is not the way.” “It is for me.” He finishes and sits back. “Mary, you are the only peace that I know.” She caresses his head. “I know Jack. I know.” Jack quietly sings to himself "She always brings me what I need. Without, I beg and sweat and bleed. When we're alone at night, waiting for the call, she feeds my skin" *-*-*
  3. Port Matthew Update 18: The End Of Southport!

    Reminds me of traveling along A1A in South Florida. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm beach. Nice work
  4. No idea how to read Census Repository

    Looking at your tax balance sheet, you are netting 28k a month, with over 9 million sitting in your coffers. If you set your rates to zeros, you would survive 150 game months or 12.5 game years. You have plenty of cash sitting to experiment with your tax rates. You have 9 million in reserve, compared to my usual 50k to 100k. Of course if my rates were set at the defaults of 9, I would be rolling in mountains of cash just like you. Taxes are important tools for controlling and encouraging growth. You have a 9 million cushion to experient. Good luck
  5. United States of Simerica (USN)

    Yes, concrete pavement in the industrial! I try for this look also. Nicely done. Love the elevated thruway over the industrial. So reminiscent of many RL industrial zones!
  6. Well we're movin on up, To the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up, To the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie. Fish don't fry in the kitchen; Beans don't burn on the grill. Took a whole lotta tryin', Just to get up that hill. Now we're up in the big leagues, Gettin' our turn at bat. As long as we live, it's you and me baby, There ain't nothin wrong with that. Well we're movin on up, To the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up, To the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie.
  7. No idea how to read Census Repository

    Usually tax rates are one of those things that we forget about. If demand is high and your city has proper police, fire, education, heath, parks/rec, and a transit system to shorten commutes, then look at ordinances and taxes. Generally when you start the game, 9% is tax neutral, but as your population grows, tax reduction is needed to promote growth in your target areas, tax increases will kill off target areas. Look at your income and expenses. How much excess are you generating? I personally don't need more than 50K net profit just sitting in the city's coffers, I have tiles 500,000 and more in population and have my tax rates set at 4% across the board. if you are earning massive amounts, then it is too much. Adjust your tax rate in your areas that you want growth and reduce the tax rate. 4% is an ultimate target for income and explosive growth. Slowly drop your targeted tax rates down from 9%, try 8 or 7 and see what happens. if you are barely breaking even with 300,000 population at 9%, then you are seriously overspending. Look at your expenses and see what you may need to bulldoze. most of the time, it is transit systems that are not really needed or can be combined for lower costs. Another thing top check is to check what your power plant cost is and what it is generating. For example the fusion plant, set at highest setting will kill your budget. You will have to scale back the production & cost to meet what your city actually needs, then add 10% for a growth buffer to that power budget.
  8. No idea how to read Census Repository

    I am not an expert but try lowering your tax rate lower, target close as you can to 4%. Your 8-9% is stagnating growth.
  9. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    This was just an experiment that I thought up one day. I came up with the idea that the rail line bridge was built first, then years later the avenue crossing was built. The highway was built last and in this city, funds or whatever, caused this to come into existence. I figured what-the-heck, its Gotham City, with crazy impractical transportation systems anyways. I really like the danger feel to it, for this particular city. Yes, in real life , no Transportation director would let this happen, but by Hades, it does in DC's Gotham City. Especially when you have so many psychopaths in colorful costume running around... Tee, Hee, Hiddy, Ho!
  10. Highway Necessary?

    Another option for you to do, is called the natural growth way. Usually cities in real life really don't need highways or even subways at such a low population. Usually most cities will not generally plan too far ahead for mass transport. Start off with streets, then upgrade major arterials to roads, then a very few of the arterials upgrade to avenues. I usually start out on a 10 to 1 ratio. 10 streets to 1 road. Then when I get to 100 streets, and 10 roads, I will upgrade 1 road to an avenue. But this is not concrete. In the natural growth mode, I will let the game tell me thru the traffic adviser (about 75% of the time), that a street, road or avenue needs to be upgraded, but I try to keep my ratios spaced out from each other. When your city is out-growing it basic street and roads methods, then you can start to worry about major transportation upgrades to highways and subways. By going the natural growth way, you will then be put into the situation of attempting to not demolition highways thru your "perfect" city, but will have to compromise with yourself on not having perfect highways cutting through your pristine districts. But have fun, it is a game, and a learning experience. Some prefer to do the natural growth way, and some go the pure planned city way. Also, many do a combination of both. You will develop your own style on gameplay. Have fun and enjoy sc4!
  11. Nice, great and awesome. You fought the urges and won! The "I gotta cram as many residential as possible to make suburbs" urge. Nice restraint and excellent fill. This is so reminiscent of the suburb and rural transitions that are 10 to 20 miles area from the "core hub city". this is also known as the in-between spaces that developers try to make a tiny mega shopping area at interstate exits in the middle of nowhere. Perfect level of mid range development at the freeway ramps. I am so imagining about four hotel chains just sitting there. Nice, Great, and Awesome!
  12. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    An Elevated Half-Clover with Seawalls and water plops A Half Clover, A regular Diamond, and a Diamond with a Train Crossing Close Up of Diamond with Train Crossing
  13. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Excellent work everyone!
  14. *-*-* "I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty." - Groucho Marx *-*-* Replies: Ln X: Thanks, I forgot to turn them on. They are on now. NMUSpidey: He was a minor character, more story arc to come. That area was government landfill built up isles, not a very imaginative area. Mymyjp: So far over 300 hours. I think I have another 200 hours to go. Thanks~! Schulmanator: And it keeps rolling... *-*-* From the Gotham Independent Network, WGOB-TV Channel 42, is proud to present in full color the exciting local series of Gotham City: Under Pressure Episode S01E03 Gotham City: Under Pressure - Operandi: Modus Vivendi Scene: Day, East End Aparo September 27th, 1984 - The East End, Aparo Island Most call the East End of Aparo Island; Robbinsonville, Sheldonville, The Bowery, Slum Alley, Crime Alley, and other names of the long lost independent cities which were absorbed into Gotham decades ago. This is the area well known as the proving ground for independent gang activity. Here various up and coming gangs attempt to carve out small notches. They cut their teeth in this area and learn quickly if they can survive as a newly formed gang. The Mafia Families treat this area as their recruitment training grounds. Scouts from the various families will secretly watch and follow various up and coming gang members. Just like professional sports, most will not make it into the big leagues but only a few. This is what the Family Scouts are looking for, that one out of hundreds that will be recruited for their Family. This area is home to multi-family walk-ups, chiefly for those working in the local manufacturing industry, which is still a strong employer to the area. The Aparo Expressway, I-99-E cuts through the neighborhoods. Newgate Projects The East End has long been known as a center for violent crime and poverty, and the highest per-city-block murder rate in the United States. Business owners find it difficult to operate in the East End without paying protection to one of the ever changing street gangs that vie for supremacy in the area, or belonging under the umbrella of one of Gotham City's seemingly untouchable crime families. The National For-Profit Charity known as Helping Hands Across America is building a low-income housing project in the crime-ridden neighborhood of the East End of Aparo. HHAA Housing Director Gail Zildjian states that "We believe that locally-constructed low-income housing has a long-term beneficial effect on neighborhoods." she said in a recent interview. "If more money is available for spending, and it's not being bled off by exorbitant rents or upkeep that slumlords refuse to handle, the poor represent a significant amount of spending capital. This project will benefit the whole community, and promote the return of legitimate businesses to the East End of Aparo." Despite the rising crime rate, police response times to the area are the second worst in the city. Police Commissioner Richard Grogan's office has consistently refused to comment on this disparity. HHAA also would not comment on the possible future impact of crime in their projects. "Law enforcement is really such a localized issue that we have to defer questions like that back to the City of Gotham." said HHAA legal counsel Greg Dudley. "We really are hopeful that the Newgate Projects will be an improvement over the decay of years past as the City continue to ignore this area. This have benefits across the whole city." East End Aparo Industrial The Aparo Expressway, I-99E, carries elevated traffic north & south. The Aparo Crosstown Expressway (ACE) eastern terminus is at an interchange with The Aparo Expressway (I-99E). The ACE travels for about 4 miles and its western terminus is at I-99W at the Trigate Bridge on Arkham Island. This East End Industrial swath of land was originally part of the East Village. Years of Industrial Expansion into this area has now totally overrun this once historic area of communes, artists, and hipsters of the 1950’s & 1960’s. The leader in high technology firms in Gotham City is WayneTech, with the national high technology firms S.T.A.R.Labs and LexCorp coming a close second. Biotechnology and drug research is conducted at Drake Medical and Cornelius-Krieg as well. Omni Consumer Corp has opened branch offices within the last decade. Omni Consumer Corp. Distribution Center, East End Aparo On the outside, this appears to be any other day. Freight trucks pass the building. Inside one of the loading bays, groups of regular looking lower class workers and down trodden Gothamits mingle drinking coffee. An older overweight man with acne scars walks in and the bay goes silent. “Good morning gentlemen.” He looks around and notices a few women and reluctantly adds, “And ladies. Today we are here because the Gotham Liberation Front, the GLF, is going to demonstrate a few blocks north of here. You have been briefed by your supervisors of your agencies to observe and secure intel and to find ways via contacts in order to further infiltrate the GLF. We here in Gotham PD have been working hard to crack down on this menace to Gotham. I am Captain Loeb of the OCCB, the Organized Crime & Corruption Bureau section of GPD. This is my territory folks.” He looks at the crowd. “I do not want a bloodbath here. You are to not interfere. You are to not to make any arrests. You are here to get into the GLF, so that it may be taken down. Obviously the news will be covering this demonstration and I would hate for any of you to lose your undercover abilities. We need the key players to the GLF, in order for this operation to be a success. Good luck out there.” Demonstration Site, Fortune Dynamics, East End Aparo A peaceful crowd of over 200 people assemble in the plaza of Fortune Dynamics. Some carry signs that state “DOWn with Capitalism”, “Rich eat the poor!”, “Workers are the TRUE Capital”, and other signs that are obscene and provocative. Jack Sprat blends into the crowd. He scans the crowd looking for his target, Jeff Lyons the leader of the GLF. He pulls his red hood of his sweater over his head and starts to make his way through the crowd on his hunt. He bumps into a man wearing a trench coat. “Excuse me buddy.” Gordon almost loses his balance when a man bumps into him. “No problem, just watch where you are going.” Gordon then goes back to studying the crowd looking for its leaders. From an adjacent parking lot a group of twenty people come into the crowd and push their way to the central fountain. Suddenly one man becomes clear above the crowd, it is Jeff Lyons. He starts his speech of anti-capitalism for the next 15 minutes. He talks about the wide wealth gap in between the executives and the workers. He talks about how stockholders gain directly from the blood, sweat, and tears of the common worker. He abdicates overthrowing the corrupt executives and the lazy stockholders, in order to return the profits back to the workers. In the distance, a police car siren can be heard. The undercovers in the crowd try not to break cover and stay with the crowd’s movement. Jeff Lyons disappears back into his group of twenty and starts to head back towards the parking lot. Sprat and Gordon both see this and try to make it through the crowd. Jack makes his way to Lyons and bumps into him knocking him to the ground. His group picks him up and carries him into a waiting car. The car speeds away towards the Newgate Projects. Gordon finally arrives to the parking lot and sees a blood trail. *-*-* Thanks for viewing, following and commenting! Naftixe