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  1. New Official BAT Request Thread

    sorry I couldn't ge the pic up, but here is the link on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_Tower my second request is a more fictional version of the Freedom that would incorporate the old Twin Towers. At the ground/street level of the Freedom Tower, there are 2 holes in the ground where the Twin Towers once stood. My 2nd request is for the Twin Towers to be place in those 2 holes in the Freedom.
  2. New Official BAT Request Thread

    I would like to make a requests: 1) the new/up-cimming Freedom Tower in NYC here is the pic of it:
  3. New Official BAT Request Thread

    I don't know if this has been requested or not, and I apologize if it has been but I am requesting for the BAT New York City bridges (i.e. Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, Triborough Bride, etc.). I've tried to using the default bridges provided by EA/Maxis when recreating NYC, but I can't seem to build diagonal bridges. Also, I would like to request the buildings from Times Square in New York, including the building with the big jumbo tron screen (sorry I'm not that good at building names and names of things from NYC), and Central Park maybe as well.