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  1. Dear Fellow Players, I'm Kamil, known as kbieniu7 at other SimCity websites. I'm one of the admins of SimCityPolska and have to make a sad announcement. For last ten years we've been running a website which became the main scene of the Polish part of SimCity 4 Community, as well as one of several bigger download sections with hundreds of plugins uploaded. Having a great number of users, Mayor Diaries and events at the very beginning, with each passing year we encountered lower and lower activity at our website. That happened not only among us, it's been well visible in other communities too. Thanks to effort and donations from older users, we managed to keep the forum and the download section alive (although with many holes in them). In recent years, however, the decline has been so deep that we practically stopped seeing any activity out there. Because of that fact, combined with raising costs and less and less of our personal time to keep it running, with a heavy hearth we decided to shut the site down. We won't do it instantly. Instead, we will start by closing the discussion board within next weeks. We acknowledge that we share a big download section with hundreds of files and that it would be unfair for the Players to just let them dissappear. We want to run trough the content, choose the best files, pack some of them into packages and reupload at other websites (presumably here at Simtropolis and SC4Devotion). Actually, that may be a thing that we should have done years before. We knew that our download section wasn't the easiest one to navigate trough, especially with image hosting sites "blackouts", but because of real-life affairs, we did not have enough time to do this. Now, as we take that ultimate decision, we will try to save at least a part of it. Probably, by the end of the year, SimCityPolska will disappear. What I could encourage you to do is to visit the website, take a look at BAT&LOT section and download the files that might seem interesting to you, as long as they are still available. Speaking of the community, we probably keep the facebook profile running for a while, although we can't see much to be saved and we think that there is no point in opening any new Polish-speaking place. We hope that you understand this decision. Many thanks to anyone who has ever visited SimCityPolska. That was a pleasure to host and act in this part of the SimCity 4 Community. Best Regards, SimCityPolska Administration Team
  2. Jaruna Islands [part 1/2]

    Excellent, so cool (literally ;p)!
  3. Hillcroft Farms #2

    Wow... I was slowly scrolling down, looking at every single photo and wondering... is it a game? Or rather some alternative world. Too many details. For a long-term SC4-player, the amount of details, combined with 3D ground view makes that update... purely insane. That's a dream, to have such ability in shaping a world.
  4. Public Transport in Allster - part 1

    Dzień dobry! What a nice looking... and nice sounding city! I barely visit Simtropolis. Today, I decided to open it, click a random CJ on the main page, and... did I see "ZTM"? And after a while... why the tram stop names are in Polish, and the network looks a little bit like Szczecin's ones? (at least for me) Very well made network, planned and named, as well as the city in-game itself. I was a little bit surprised to see a Polish diary right here, I haven't seen it before. Do you publish anywhere else? Pozdrowienia! Kamil
  5. Chapter 8: The End of an Era - Part 1

    Oh dear... That was indeed intense... Combined with still fresh news from the US it makes it even more intense. For sure, I would like not to get in the middle of a situation like that. Now technically speaking. One of the best presentation I've ever seen. It's more than just update. With apropiate photoshopping and using sound (which is brilliant!) you've managed to get into another dimension involving the reader's senses. That's so exciting. The hail and rain sounds create almost a real image in the mind. The NOAA's warning sound makes creeps on the skin, even though I've heard it only in TV (as I don't live in the US and never get into such emergency). By the way, I found an other video (pretty scary sounds as well), you could perfectly fit into the plot after turning on the siren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgkTdIECYtk To sum up: really amazing!
  6. Kraków, Poland.

    Mine too! And about 1/3 of whole voidvodeship - quite a lot!
  7. Kamcahtka - The Rise

    Wowowow, dude...My brain exploded when I saw this: http://imageshack.us/a/img593/5849/82816118.png What the hell have you done with my blocks? How did you do that? Some copying and pasting rendered textures?
  8. Update 1 - The Invasion To Poland

    Umm... In this time Wrocław was in Germany. Such a small detail
  9. Wola Zach 4p (additional lots)

    Hah, sincerely, I didn't expect, that anybody would do anything with those ones By the way, we heard many reports, that registering on SCP is difficult. We lost english module with old version, but we are still thinking about putting it back
  10. Pripiat Voskhod Apartments

    Beautiful. It will fit to my city :D
  11. Macys Department Store

    too massive for me :P
  12. Macys Department Store

    too massive for me :P
  13. Polish bus stops



    This is the small set of bus stops, you can see in Poland. The set including: -Normal Bus stops on grass and brick -Big bus stop on brick -Bus stops on road & avenue -Small parking lot To jest maly zestaw przystanków autobusowych, które mozna spotkac w Polsce.Zestaw zawiera: -Normalne przystanki autobusowe na trawie i kostce -Duzy przystanek autobusowy na kostce -Przystanki autobusowe na drodze i alei -Maly parking: