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City Of Craftstoke

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Entry 5 - Lawnwood




Update !

Entry 5



A new update with the rest of the Financial District!
Given the short time that I prepared today, I ask you to be indulgent vis-vis the description. Be aware though that the pages of Demography and Subway are available. If the content is spread out a little, it still took me several hours ... Much of the city is built Craftstoke. It is basically the southern suburbs, cities and the surrounding fields and forests. A large body of work, do not be too worried! :P

Have fun ! :D

Blog : 1,500 hits since opening!

A big thank you, guys! :)


Entry 4 - Rivendale




Update !

Entry 4



After several days of inactivity due to a Grade Duty work of fifty pages, I am pleased to present a portion (only, i like sadism!) of my Financial District - Central Business District and some surrounding districts. I'm progressing slowly because loooong hours (9h / d) spread over a marathon two weeks ... (15d) I only hope I find time to develop the city!

Have fun! :P

Blog : 1.100 hits since opening!

A big thank you, visitors! 1.gif



Update !

Unofficial so no present on the blog

There, I saw a little ahead, I take this opportunity to share with you my creations.
If it has nothing to do with the game strictly speaking, it is all related to my city as these maps!
I had not expected before the end of the week, but I think it's complete for a major part...
It still lacks a good twenty lines since I have not colonized the entire map ...

It's make with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Comments are welcome!


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Update !

Entry 2.0 - Entry 3.0


I took a bit late in the week, but I think I caught up well today.
I hope the update will please you, while letting you cook for the bus network map.
If you have comments to make about the translation, say it!


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A big thank you, visitors!  2.gif





Welcome on the official city journal of the city of Craftstoke.
The topic won't contains any pictures because a blog have been created for that.

Update List

As updates are on the blog, their archiving is automatic.
Thus, it was necessary to have a update list on the forums.


Blog is written in english in interest of openess.
Please note that i'm french speaker, with some knowledge of german.
For any comment or obervation on translation, please come.
All contructive or appreciative (lol) comments are welcome!

Last Update : 12/07/2010 : 9.48 PM

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