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About this City Journal

SimWorld showcases my various regions. "Reborn" July 2013.

Entries in this City Journal


Highway Mosaic


@ raynev1, Huston, SimCoug: Thankyou :)

I've made a mosaic showcasing what I've been working on lately. It's still very much a WIP, and the trumpet to the south isn't finished yet.

Just wanted to show what's coming up in the future :)


There's also a region city view:


Thanks, Sam.


Region Views #2


@ Katherman111, 89James89, Ace♥, ggamgus: Thanks a lot :)

@ Terring: Thanks! I use the Berner Oberland terrain mod :)

I'll show everyone what I've been working on recently. Hopefully this'll explain why I haven't updated for a couple of months.

Please excuse the awful picture quality/resolution.


Thanks, Sam.


Another Mosaic


@ Ace♥ & Huston: Thankyou both :)


I have a nice mosaic ready today. It is from the Penzance region, and for the next update I should have some development pictures.


Click the images for full resolution :)


This CJ will be slightly roadgeeky, I can't resist.. :P


And the mosaic...

Click the link below for the full mosaic.


Click me for full mosaic!


I am lacking in custom buildings for the Penzance region and the Cape York region at the moment, that's because I've just made a new plugins folder specifically for these regions. I'll get some more eventually ;)





Region Views #1


@ Sylvio Jorge, Forthwall, urielgarcia, coolwiththecool2: Thank you! :)


Every couple of months I'll post another Region Views update. Hopefully each region update will show development throughout the three regions.


Click for full resolution. Warning, they are fairly large images.

Here's where I'm at so far:


Cape York







Thanks, should have a nice mosaic ready for the next update ;)



Replies (only 2 years late.. :uhm:)


@ escilnavia: Here is the next entry ;) Taken a long time for me to get back into SimCity 4, but here we go!

@ ee99: Thanks, hopefully we won't have any more computer errors!


So, it's back. Hopefully now it's much better too. I've rebuilt my whole Plugins folder to make things run smoother and look nicer. I've chosen 3 regions to work on; the Omega region, Penzance and Cape York.

For now, the CJ will be following my progress as I build the regions. They're nowhere near completed, so there is a long way to go.


I'll kick off the new SimWorld with a nice 8MB mosaic in full 1080p resolution. It's quite big, so click at your own risk ;)


The area is from the CBD of the Cape york region. It's not complete, I just wanted to give you a taste of what's to come :)


If, for some reason, the above image isn't working, click me.





Important News


Coming soon when my internet actually works.. XD

Now to the important bit..

All of my regions have been deleted. The last backup I made was in January (not good, I know), and so most of my cities are in very early stages. The downtown in the previous update no longer exists, nor does the junction.

It will take me a long time to rebuild my regions, so this will be the last update in a long time.


So, signing out for what will probably be a long time..

Sam =)


SimWorld | Downtown


@ escilnavia: Thanks! 2.gif

@ ee99: Thankyou! 1.gif

@ bwong: Thanks 9.gif

@ rjamesp: Thankyou 1.gif

@ packersfan: Thanks! Night shots are becoming my favourite now because of the colours.

@ jotauveefe: Thanks! Here it is!

@ randomuser2349: Thankyou! 1.gif


As promised, here's the downtown mosaic. I've also thrown in a mosaic of a motorway junction. I've just completed it and I haven't finished the areas around it yet, so don't expect any nice surroundings.

The pictures are slightly bad quality, please excuse that, they are fine on my computer but when I uploaded them the quality dropped. I have tried reuploading but the problem continues.


The junction.


And the mosaic.



Sam =)

Comments and ratings are welcome, and the +1 button helps 1.gif


SimWorld | Return


@ Molooo: Thanks, Molooo! Glad you like it =)

@ 111222333444: Heh, thanks!

@ escilnavia: Thank you =D

@ Frex_Ceafus: Thanks!

@ TowerDude: Thanks, so do I!



So.. where to start...


Oh, right!

It's been over a year since the first SimWorld update! 39.gif

I know I should really celebrate with more than just a smiley, but I won't.

Unless you call this return update as some sort of celebration..


Here's the first update since July (I'm really reliable) 21.gif


Just a small update I suppose, the bigger update will be coming next time.


Special thanks to TowerDude for reasons that he'll know 44.gif


We'll start off with two pictures I made back in June but they haven't appeared yet...



The weather in SimWorld varies from rain...



... to sun and droughts, just like Planet Earth


And here's a teaser for what is coming up next update (or, should be coming up next update)




Sam =)


Note: If you rate, please leave a comment and also pressing that +1 button helps =)


An Appetiser


@ TowerDude: Thanks as always. This is SimWorld, you don't know what to expect next!

@ ggamgus: Thank you! 39.gif

@ Schulmanator: Thanks! 35.gif

@ kakado_to_save: Thanks, Kakado.


Today's update is a little appetiser to keep this going. Not the best of single-picture updates, but hey. There's a little story I devised to go behind this picture, just to make it look a tiny bit more important.


One hundred and fifty years ago, the Lord of the Region, Bob Newbie the 62nd, went into his crafting warehouse and built a two wheeled device, now called a bike. He rode around his courtyard until it was looking a bit of a mess. He went up to his tower and looked over the countryside, and he saw a forest that would be perfect to ride through. The trouble was, the forest was full of bears and horses. The Lord sent out his finest hunters who cleared the forest of any creatures. He then sent out his finest builders to build a path through the forest so he could ride his bike. He enjoyed his private path very much, and when he left SimWorld, he left the path to his son, Bob Newbie the 63rd. However, he didn't want it so he sold it off to the council, who turned it into a public path. Now, whizzing to the present day like some time traveller, we see that the path has fallen into a state of disrepair. This happened when the Highway 6 was built alongside the forest, and the noise from the traffic put off all of the cyclists looking for some peace and quiet. The overgrown path has also found some new threats, with the bears and other wildlife returning. Enough talking, now for the picture.


Two brave cyclists continue after their break in a little lay-by overlooking a pond. The path here is in a particularly awful state, with weeds growing all across it.


That picture is all for this little appetiser update, I hope to work on putting together another update for soon.



Sam =)


Note: If you rate, please don't forget to leave a comment too!


City Island


@ skyscraper241: Thanks! The buildings have all been picked up over the years.

@ TowerDude: D= 40.gif

@ Roger51: Thanks, Roger!

@ Frex_Ceafus: The rain is all Photoshopped, and thank-you!


It's been a while, but it's time for the next update in this random CJ. It's called 'City Island', and it is about a city on an island. Today is also my birthday, and it's a chance I've had to finally update this CJ, which I have had the pictures available for a while but I just haven't had time to create the actual update.


We'll kick today's update off with a shot of some nice towers overlooking the newly built and unopened Airport Highway. The towers also have a great view of the seaport which is nearby.


And, here's the port that the towers get a great view of. This port is expanding by the minute.


The port is also dangerous for ships, with shallow waters and pebbles. Lots of pebbles.


Moving inland, we find an old mine that hasn't been used for 200 years. The minerals under the estuary in which the island is were a major trade for the early city.


New and old bridges cross the tramway. The trams first arrived in the city just under 200 years ago. Back then, goods were transported from the mines to the port.


The football pitch at night. The multi-storey carparks are pretty much empty, and the football pitch is closed until the season restarts in late August.


The Old Town is rather quiet at night, with only three cars driving down the normally packed streets.


The marketplace which was built in the late 1500s is still a busy place today, holding markets every Saturday.


This is one of the oldest parts of the tramline. It now follows an embankment above the airport carpark.


And.. the final picture of today's boring update. The airport was decorated as part of it's 25th anniversary last year, and a new flower garden was erected.


I might have a chance to create a summer-special update, but with work for the RTMT on the top of my list, it is slightly unlikely.



Sam =)


Note: all comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.




@ thepokemaniac: Thank you! 1.gif

@ TowerDude: As always, thanks! The abandonment is there purposely to show the state of the area 2.gif

@ skyscraper241: Thank you! The streets are by Rivit and are available on the STEX

@ Molooo: Thanks! 9.gif



SimWorld has had an unusual weather pattern... many areas of the planet are seeing severe storms and bad weather.


Construction has been stopped in many places...




Cities look bleak and dreary..



... and many workers are dreading the journey home...



Even the driest cities are affected...



Night time skylines are ruined..




The pavements are empty but the roads are full...



... and the highways are full with cautious drivers



But of course, not all of SimWorld is affected...



Let's hope you're one of the lucky ones...



Sam =)


Al Kohbar


@ TowerDude: Thanks as always! Great song, btw!

@ skyscraper241: I use Photoshop to make my mosaics. Thanks a lot!

@ heitomat: Wow! Thank you!


Today's update is from Al Kohbar (thanks to Cacks for the name).


The golf course.


Trees grow near the small lake.


Houses and a few shops..


And now for a mosaic to round up the update...


(sorry about the small blue line near the top)


Thanks for looking at Al Kohbar,


Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


A Night Picture


@ b22rian: Thank you!

@ david.w.torrey: Thanks! The picture of the airport was added for Reaper88.

@ heitomat: Thanks a lot!

@ Reikhardt: Thanks! I've updated the previous entry and the farm pictures now have shadows. I may update the road pictures some time soon.


Today's update was originally meant to be a mosaic but a CTD stopped it. Now, it's just a night shot of the main city in Hayder. The CBD is unfinished.


Sorry that it's only one picture. I hope to post more soon...


Sam =)


Farms and Roads


@ Timmystwin: Thank you!

@ terring: Ah, thanks for the suggestion! The shadows are off because I run it on Windows 7 and I find turning them off help to improve the performance.


Today's update is about farms and there's also a new road, plus there's also a picture for Reaper88.

Now to let the pictures do the talking..








A new road has been completed in the mountain range of Hayder.

These are the pictures of the road before traffic was allowed onto it.





And... here's the picture for Reaper88...:


This is a picture I took of an airport in an old city of mine.


Thanks for looking,

Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


A Short Video


@ Adrianor: Thanks a lot for looking! Also, thanks for the link! I'll definitely use that a lot!

@ suomi2005: Thanks! I'll add some more traffic generators in future.

@ Reikhardt: Thank you!

@ panthersimcity4: Thanks! I'm not very good at airport building, so I am very grateful for your comment!

@ TowerDude: Yeah D= 18.gif

@ blakesterville: Thank you!


Today's update is just something to keep this CJ going. It's a video of a rural road I built. Sorry about the lag.. I really need to remember to speed up the capture rate...



Don't forget to view it in full screen.


I hope you all enjoyed it.


Sam =)


Note: all comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.




@ Reikhardt: Thanks for looking! The lots you linked are great. Thanks! 44.gif


Today's Update is part four (and the final update) of the roadtrip!



The highway curves with the high embankments on either side.


The highway continues weaving it's way through the countryside.


The highway goes through a tunnel under the logging forest.


The other side of the tunnel, the highway continues through a lush forest.


The highway comes from the north of the picture and then continues to the west. The east highway continues to the valleys by the river. As you can see, I haven't got round to adding trees or eye-candy yet.


A closer picture.


A not-so-clear picture of how the main highway has the right of way. Coming from the right, it curves to the top and the south-northbound carriageway loses one lane.


A closer picture of how the main highway has the right of way.


The highway continues and converts to a 6-lane highway before crossing this bridge over one of the gorges.


Here is another gorge.


There is another intersection. We'll turn off here to have a look.


It is an intersection to the unfinished airport.


The terminal at night.


Continuing, there is a cloverleaf. We'll keep on going in a straight line.


The third and final gorge.


The highway continues over a smaller local highway.


We are now in Hapton Central. The highway narrows down to a 4 lane highway, and junctions get tighter.


And to finish off the roadtrip, here is a strange junction I made.


Sam =)


All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


A Teaser


@ Kench : Thanks for visiting! I have downloaded the mod now exp

@ Timmystwin: Thanks for looking! I have lots of Bixel's buildings.. =\

Today's update is a little teaser for you all.. this CJ hasn't been active because I have been working on this...:


It isn't part of this CJ, but I might start another soon...

Thanks for looking,

Sam =)

Note: all comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.

Another note: I need low density residential. Can anyone provide me with some links? It would be muchly appreciated. Thanks =)


Teasers - Riversplit

Replies@ Timmystwin: Thanks for looking! I had quite a lot of snow.. it was havoc exp You're lucky not to have had any exp

@ Dannibee: Thanks a lot!

Today's Update is a quick teaser of Riversplit..

I'll continue the Roadtrip some other time...

These teasers are of New New York FC's Stadium: Haglon Road


A day pic:


And a night pic:


The surrounding areas of the stadium aren't yet complete. I'll be working on that soon.

That's it from this teaser update!

Thanks for looking,

Sam =)

I'll (hopefully) get the Roadtrip up and running again next update.

All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


New Year Special


@ Schulmanator: Thanks for looking! Yes, that might be a reason..

@ k50dude: Thanks a lot!

@ TowerDude: We had quite a lot of snow, too! Thanks for visiting!


Today's Update


Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Secondly, this update is a special, looking back over the last few months of 2010, ever since this CJ was created. Here is a video of most pictures from most updates. The dates in the video are the day the update was released.

It's also available in HD!




Thanks for looking,

Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


Christmas Special


@ Paulobergonci : Thanks for looking! And, yes, I just lost concentration! exp

@ TowerDude : Thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm sure the Sims have a great sightseeing trip.


Today's Update


Well.. it's that time of year again. Christmas.

Things have been getting rather chilly recently. Here are some main headlines from across SimWorld.






New New York News


Snow has been causing havoc in New New York as freak storms hit by surprise.


Adeland National News


All settlements in the country have been affected by freezing temperatures as they fall into the -20ºC region.


The Karkland Times


Snow postpones major football clash between Karkcity and Eylton United as 12 Inches Fall.


Lorshire Leader


Roads across the country are clogged with travellers as the Christmas Holiday period arrives.


Vorland National Newspaper


Major travel disruption caused by non-stop blizzards across the region.



So.. the very short and pictureless Christmas update has come to an end.


Or has it..?


This was a picture taken from a news chopper reporting on the travel disruption in Vorland.. Is that really Santa and the reindeer?





Always Believe...


That's it from this update.. sorry it's short! This is all I had time for..


Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.



@ thundertimmy: Thanks for looking! The road will end at Hapton Central.

@ p_kitaro: Wow! Thanks!

@ SmartbyLaw: Thanks a lot!

@ Dutsy: Thanks for visiting! The commercial area isn't completed yet.. so I'll fix that soon!


Today's update - Part Three of the Roadtrip!


The road continues in a straight line.


There is a smaller road that joins onto the Highway 6. This is seen crossing the railway.


The highway then splits.


It then follows a railway viaduct.


The railway then goes through a tunnel underneath the highway before emerging onto another viaduct.


The highway then continues in a large cutting.


And to finish off... a region view...



Thanks for looking,

Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.



@ Paulobergonci: Thanks a lot!

@ Evillions: Hey, thanks!

@ SmartbyLaw: Thanks!

@ b22rian: Thanks a lot!

@ Molooo: Thanks!


Today's update is part two of the roadtrip.


The railway continues to follow the road through the narrow valley.


Then, the railway enters a tunnel.


Further up the road, there is more room and the H-6 turns into a RHW-4.


Then there is a junction towards the city of Sorton. We'll turn off here to look at it.


We will quickly look at the station, before turning around and heading back.


We then turn left at the main crossroads.


The city commercial district. It's nowhere near finished...


An overview.


We then rejoin the highway.


The next junction along is to the suburbs of the city.


There is a windfarm near the suburbs.


The highway then bypasses the suburbs.


That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed it!


Note: There might not be any more updates for a while because I am working on a new LHD region.


Thanks for looking,

Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.



@ meister1235: Thanks for visiting! Yeah, I might include something like that soon

@ SmartbyLaw: Thanks a lot!

@ TowerDude: Thanks for visiting SimWorld!

@ Alejandro24: Thanks for looking! I think you're on about the RAM (Rail Addon Mod). It's found over at SC4D, so make sure you're signed in to the LEX. Here is the link to the RAM.

@ Schulmanator: Thanks a lot!

Today's update is part one of the West Vorland to Hapton Central Roadtrip along Highway 6 (see Update 8). Sorry about the changing picture sizes.. I've been having problems uploading them.


Our journey starts at the west of Vorland. The highway passes through a cutting in the rocks.


It then curves through the rugged landscape of the Sorton Mountain Range.


Then, the road follows a verge..


... before turning into a RHW-4...


... and it then winds around another mountain...


... but then it narrows again.


There is now a small junction between the Highway 6 and the A267.


The road continues until we find another junction, this time being between the H-6 and the H-31 which vehicles can follow to get to North Vorland.


Soon we follow the main railway line which leads us to Sorton.

That's it for part one,

More coming soon!

Sam =)

Note: Comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.



@b22rian: Thanks a lot! Great to see you here!

Today's update is about Grand Bridge in New New York. It features a couple of pictures and a link to a mega mosaic.



A train passes by one of the newer areas.


The railway leads up to the small station.


Construction in the bottom right.


That's all the pictures.. but you must check out the mega mosaic! It's a 3MB JPEG!

It may take a while to load, but don't give up!



Full size (3.2MB)


Thanks for looking..

Sam =)


Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.


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