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  1. Kaufland hypermarket

    Kaufland is hardly a hypermarket, it is just a large supermarket. But nonetheless, great work. 4/5.
  2. Warehouse

    Way too many dependencies, man...
  3. ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 2

    What's the point of installing this, if it has no capacity??
  4. Hello, I have installed hundreds of custom content items so far, and never had any missing dependancy problems, but now I have one with the "BSC Parks Caliban Mother Russia." http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=15763 It's showing a brown box of course. I guess this is caused by this file I'm missing, mentioned here: "You will also need the original lots that this has been copied from (for the models, UI's etc.): Mother Russia Caliban BSC" The link is not working however, so how do I get the missing dependancy?
  5. GDV Water Taxi Station wBus Stop New Water Taxi

    Anybody tested this without the Rush Hour expansion?
  6. Soccer field with mudways and some fans

    Does this replace the in-game soccer pitch? Or does it add this one to the game?
  7. Forest

    Nice mod. I have 2 questions: -Could you maybe also make 1x1 and 2x2 pieces? Now I can't fill up certain areas's of the map. -Could you change the max gradient and make the lots more slope tolerant? Now I can't put them on steep hills.
  8. Patriots Park

    Nothing. But the way you use it makes it looks like it's becoming a Unionist thing to you. I don't think people want their SC4 cities to look like Shankill Road, Belfast. Next thing you do is prolly making a mod for Union Jack-coloured pavements or a Cromwell statue.
  9. BLaM Steinlia 21

    I will use this in my Sim-ghetto, along all other ghetto-items found on Simtropolis. ;-) My sim slackers love kebab btw. lol
  10. BLaM Steinlia 21

  11. BLaM Steinlia 21

    Now I can download it. Use IE, not Mozilla or anything.
  12. BLaM Steinlia 21

    Neither can I.
  13. BLaM Steinlia 21

    Is this a growable of just a landmark thing?
  14. Citroen Dealerships

    This is really brilliant!!!! ;-) I am big fan of Citro
  15. Decathlon

    What dependencies does this one use? I cannot see the parked cars.