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  1. Show us your Detail Shots

    Arr, matey! Welcome to Corneria, where our cops don't mind piracy and the only thing tighter than the fits between the buildings is...well, you know what. Okay, I'll say it: the margins at the pawn shops. Get your mind outta the gutter (The tight fits came through RICO and Move It! mods)
  2. Show us your Detail Shots

    Hachiko, a predominantly Asian village outside one of my cities
  3. Show us your Detail Shots

    Going for the Tropico vibe now... Chinatown gate
  4. Show us your Detail Shots

    The Mediterranean-inspired town of Lucario City. Very satisfying factory complex using vanilla buildings. Residential neighborhoods. This city is loosely based on cities in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.
  5. Show us your Detail Shots

    Somewhere in northeastern Poland. Brzęczyszczykiewicz square (the one with the lions), with the Catholic church at the upper left.
  6. Funny Screenshots

    The new Wingardium Leviosa charter school is now open for enrollments.
  7. Show us your Detail Shots

    I recognize those house assets (they're Dutch), but where'd you get the additions?
  8. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Trying for a mix of Macau, Singapore (the multicolored HDB flats), Taipei, Hong Kong, and Manila with a southern French-style neighborhood in the foreground.
  9. Goodbye, File Limit!

    I moved everything to my desktop, ran the update on a vanilla SC4, and then reinstalled my plugins. Zero brown boxes yet.
  10. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Big question...how do you get that irregularly shaped construction site? Otherwise, whoa!
  11. Show us your Detail Shots

    A little touch of Quebec. Tabarnak! I cannot imagine the lighting bill that my train station is racking up. Please release these maisons, s'il vous plait.
  12. Show us your Area view

    Industrial port town.