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  1. Bobbo662s BAT Thread

    Originally posted by: lrfox @woodenshoes- I think most of Bobbo662's progress can be found at www.sc4devotion.com in the forums there. you have to sign up, but some BATers along with most of the BSC team have moved their threads over there (although they still lurk and post here too).quote> I'm surprised he hasn't uploaded those lots to their exchange yet. They look great. They arn't uploaded anywhere are they?
  2. Bobbo662s BAT Thread

    Getting anxious to get your wonderful lots back. Can't wait!
  3. BlaM Sr Brick Masonry Store

    I never would have thought of a masonry store. Great! :)
  4. What Music are you listening to right now?

    You've Made Us Conscious by The Audition
  5. Publix Grocery Store

  6. Publix Grocery Store

  7. New Official BAT Request Thread

    Bubba Gump Don Pablo's Thanks
  8. Dairy Queen Brazier

    I keep getting the brown box. Is there a way to fix that?