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  1. Annoying detail with the NWM

    I'll try it out, then see what happens. Other issue appears when I check the routes, the green arrow begins in the NWM avenue but it suddenly go up, but UP, like it goes normally straight on the road then go weirdly up, crossing the whole city...
  2. Annoying detail with the NWM

    That is, the file I have is the: Automata_Plugin_Standard. So I just need to replace it for the 24 hr. I have a ZZZ_Persistent_Automatamod_HI Could it be making problems to the NWM? Sorry I cannot make any pic cause I'm on Mac now (I use bootcamp) but with jrm pic and Tarkus explanation you get what I mean.
  3. Annoying detail with the NWM

    Awesome guys, thank you. It's not a graphic or game configuration, I'm pretty sure. Seems like I don't have any automata plugin installed, so maybe I need that 24 hr thing. Is it a mod? What does it? All my roads are fine, they show lot of traffic unlike the MWM. Please tell me where to get it!
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    ImVhozzi: Yes, I use them, but they aren't normally grassless, you have to download a mod (which I already got). But I want a mod to change the grass in the Maxis aves, I knew there was one but I can't find it! Thank you! Btw In spanish 'Aves' mean 'Birds',... sounds weirdly odd to me.
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi I need a mod to remove all the grass in aves, I hate when you build your roads in the Downtown and those annoyoing grassy-avenues appear. Thank you all
  6. Interesting... Never realized there was something like this, awesome. The jobless zone is located in a new CBD across a river, so it just started to develop, in the other side there's another pole quite more developed, so education matters! Maybe, when the R$$ gets more IQ, they will get more jobs in the same towers. To fix it instantly, would work if a build some C$$ towers? What I've learn by myself is that industries always solve the employment issue, there always be R$ available, but once R$$ began to get more educated they will want to swap to better jobs, as in C$$ or C$$$.
  7. I dunno if I'm using it... Anyway, what can I do with the traffic subsystem? Will it fix the probem? All the jobless buildings are located in just one zone and they're next to a NWM avenue... could it be the responsable?
  8. Hello guys, need a hand. I'm so happy building my city (I'm of the ones who build in the desired way without taking any challenge from the game). I always use the same formula, a zone of RXXX then another zone with CXXX or IXXX connected by mass transit or a highway. Well, it doesn't even matter, I have to confess that I use the buildingplop (just for C medium and low), hope it has nothing to do with it. I build some skyscrapers with high C$$$ employment to raise R$$-$$$ demand (along with the commerial and offices demand ordinance), and it always work. At a zone I have tall R$$ skyscrapers next to big offices and LOT of commercial services of C$$ and $$$, but they complain about the job, NO JOBS! Awesome... How can I avoid this? I figure out that R$$ likes to work in shops and offices of all wealth but not in poor ones so I don't get what's the drama here... If you need any detail I'll try to provide it. Thank you in advance Please do not use "all caps" in the topic title. tungston
  9. Hi there Let me introduce u this issue... When I make the two or three lanes Aves (without center), no idea with the rest, these are the ones I mainly use, there aren't automatas, it's hard to catch one or two cars, even though the ave is being massively used. I put the traffic generator beside but nothing happens. Am I placing wrong the pieces? I don't think so though, otherwise they wouldn't even work. Are they like this? Perhaps... It shows pedestrians as normal. Finally, I want to say thanks in advance. Cheers!
  10. Altering the general look of the game

    I use a California-like terrain, but it doesn't bother me 'cause I almost don't see any empty space hehe. And I've got a bunch of trees and city decor which make it looks like... wherever I want. Start using some different architecture in buildings, for example, I made a district which was a mainly german-dutch based, with Castles here and there and so on, it looks really nice (All taken from the STEX) regardless what terrain it is. As you see, it's quite simple to change the gaming experience.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thank you guys I do use the Fightthepower, the problem are the pop up messages from the power assistant, the city may not need power anymore but he ''thinks'' that I'm so evil that I leave the Sims without power LOL, and some street lights won't turn on So I guess I just need a high capacity power plant... but just a single one The mod thing sounds great, I'll check out that stuff. The hydrogen plant is too big, there's no space in my cities for it (unless it's a suburb or low area, but I currently need something very small, easy to hide) I'm using the PEG solar panels, I need about 5 to feed 300.000 sims (always with the power ordinance ON, otherwise I'd need about 40) Would I be able to change or mod the PEG solar panel?
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi Yes, I'm cheating, just because I like to make the city the way I wish! I use the Power ordinance from the Radical mod, but after 300.000 it stops working for some unknown reason and the Power and Water guy begin to complain, telling you thinks like 'The king of Hell' or some like that. So, along with this I want to build a power plant with an ultra-hyper-high capacity. Does it exist? Where? The smallest the best. Cheers!
  13. Making the default Maxis map bigger

    I see... How to start, what do I need?
  14. I use the default Maxis night though
  15. Airport question

    Try the power conservation act in the Radical Ordinance Mod. It gets down all power requirements to 5%, so you can build a powerful plant, I use the PEG solar panel very often, as it's small and techno. For a 350.000 city I would need about 3. Believe me, it's better than hearing (reading actually) the utility advisor becoming a pain in the a... LOL