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  1. III and IV: Mountain Lakes and the Hinterland

    Here's the final update, featuring the remainder of the region's developed areas. Might be a few repeats
  2. SECTION I. Senninghead City and the Piedmont

    SECTION I. Senninghead City and the Piedmont
  3. Hey, any old timers still lurking?

    Hey Alek you got any saved albums from your old CJs? Always loved your stuff
  4. I have a region on the Mac port of the game that I want to expand and make bigger (right now it is the San Francisco region size). However when I try to alter config.bmp the region is corrupted. Any suggestions on how I could change the dimensions of the region?
  5. Oakland County: Update 50 - gaming anyone?

    I love your work. Casa Grande was also one of my favorite CJs a long time ago, I used a lot of things from it to design desert regions. Your ability has evolved so much, this is some of the best work I've seen.
  6. Library Tower (US Bank Tower)

    Looks damn good.
  7. Show us your - Region

    Here's a region I've worked on for ages, it's my first region without any cheats. Still got some work to do as you can see. Full size is here
  8. LBT Yucatan Terrain Mod

    Can I get this without the height adjustment?
  9. Warsaw Ujazdowskie Avenue 20

    I love your set, I use them all the time You should make a few more corner buildings though!