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About this City Journal

My first attempt at a story based CJ...

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Originally posted by kj3400:

The Grinch is gone

the people celebrate

but something is wrong

with their town. Great.

now they must clean up

and start over their lives

and get rid of those roundabouts

that would be wise.

and maybe some day they'll be happy again

but not for a while

but the story of their triumph

will forever make me smile.

OK... Mr KJ says they all gotta go...

one or two clicks... 

and it was so!


The sims held a meeting,

..a looooooong one not fleeting,

they discussed at considerable length

how to deal with the legacy of stench.



The motion was put, and eventually carried

The road workers got busy ...  there was no time to tarry!




The circles were gone, a memory of the past,

They now had intersections - with traffic lights at last!

The lots were still a bit of a mess...

but they will deal with that...  pretty soon I guess.


Time to rebuild, from out of the ashes

Will good times come?  ... or a new leader facist?

It was time for re-construction 

after all the mad destruction...   

The cranes got busy and did their thing...

Now the Grinch was gone the Sims could once again sing...


And what did they sing?

Well....      I am not too sure...

but it had something to do...

with with a grinch...

and a flying saucer cure!


And then...  it happened.

The Grinch was flattened.

Some collaterial damage to be sure...

But in one, defining moment,

The grinch...


(well he may have survived for a small time yet...

to be experiemented on, his just deserts to get.)

The ultimate fate of the grinch may be uncertain...

But... we may probe this a little more, before the final curtain.




The weekend is coming,
more grinchy plans cunning,
so expect more funning...

(OK so that rhyme stunk.. 
it'll go down like a lead clunk..18.gif )

Originally posted by:
 Autosaurus Wrecks has leveled half the city! If I know the Grinch, he'll cut off the exits!

The Grinchy he thought for a moment or two...
"I think that I know just what I will do!"
(Well maybe that guy from stinky Edmonton helped...
just a bit, I suppose, I better admit... or he will frappin' yappin' yelp.)
A no exit city... 
(and couple of clicks - they sure will,  be in a heck of a fix!)
Aww... what a pity.


Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click!


And with a whoop and a grin, 
(Is this joke wearing thin...?)
He let loose a new fiend
Just to be mean, so it was seemed.




He flattened the houses, along with the all the farmers glass houses! 
He did the same thing 
To the other sims houses
Leaving crumbs, much too small
For all the Sims mouses!

The robot took off... 
...will this story ever make the Omnibus HOF?  17.gif

*Cough cough...  3.gif


His dirty work done...
The Grinch thought he would 
have the last word on the fun...
but oh he was wrong...

Wrong, Wrong,


For the Sims they decided...  that enough was enough...




Oh don't you worry,  

the old grinchy will scurry,

before this wears thin, 

he will be up to his chin,

There are some tricks up my sleeve,

You'd better believe...

(Have you ever seen, in the God mode tools, mister, a wee little icon, with a pic of a twister...) 9.gif

But back to our story, getting ever more gory...

Deep down in the dank,

where the sewer pipes stank,

In the Lord Mayor's cellar,

was that pretty nasty fella. 

The old Grinchy schemed...  

his nightmarish town dream.

He clicked with his mouse,

right under the Mayor's house.

Where was the Mayor did I hear you say?

Driving in his black limo, on that fateful dark day.


Autosaurus Wrecks!  

He will wring their necks!

With a hiss and a roar, 

The Sims will be no more!


"I know where I'll start",  

hissed the Grinchy old fart,

Those posh high wealth Sims, 

who seem to be so dim,

They can't find a job, 

so I'll make them all sob.

Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,

then the Sims will all cry, a loud BOO HOO!


Then the Grinchy did his worst...  

as his pimples all burst,

the monster was found, 

to make a most terrible sound.

With a stomp and a tromp,

he levelled the ground.


Piles of rubble! 

Now there'll be trouble...

Will the Sims fight back?

With a counter attack?


What will the Sims do?  Before we are through?



On the far side of town, 

if you care to look around,

near the corner can be found,

a hospital of Maxis, a large one on flat ground.


But was the Grinchy done, had he finished his fun?

No! No! No!  (I am sorry it's so. 20.gif)

From deep in his lair, unseen without care,

He made a few clicks, (though his conscience did prick)

But soon that was forgotten, 

as he looked at  his work,  so evil and so rotten.


The ambulance of course, drove around the new course,

Did the old Grinchy care!  

No not a bit!  Life is not fair!

Not one shred of remorse!


Again, just like with the poor old firemen, 

a call came through, to activate the siren.

A building site accident!  What a predicament!

A young apprentice named Smarty, thought he would have a site party.

(The boss was away - what more can I say... 2.gif)

He thought he would try, as so many young lads do,

to scare his sister, with a fake plastic, doggy doo poo.

She squealed at the sight and Smarty yelled in delight,

But his sister did faint, and knocked over some paint.

The ladder came down, and cracked her poor crown.

And just like before with the fire at the school,

someone shouted "DONT PANIC - Everyone keep your cool!"


But the Grinchy he snickered, while his nose he pick - ed.

For the ambulance you see, 

was hemmed in, on a circular green pea.

It had no where to go... 

(Except around and around),

The driver got dizzy, 

(heh - cos the game was not set on slow).

For the grinchy in his manical rage, 

had clicked on cheetah,

bottom left of the page!



... and the town grew and it GREW and it GREW

The poor old grinch didn't know what to do.

But just for now - let us review.  16.gif

We took a look.

We saw a Nook.

On his head, 

He had a hook.

On his hook,

he had a book,

On his book,

Was "How to Cook."

Cook... he thought,  and he thought and he thought..

the idea in his head, it ripened and caught,

as another fat teenage pimple,  went mega SPLAT,

the more he thought and schemed about that,


just what could he could do

to get the poor Sims all into a stew...

"I have GOT IT!"  He yelled!  

He snarled, as his idea gelled,

I will cut off their roads to their shiney Fire Station!

My my my!  This WILL be quite an ocassion!

So thats what he did, I hope I don't sound too glib.  20.gif




The inevitable happened, a fire broke out

At the college not far away no doubt.

So how did it start...?  

(One of the professors let off a forceful fart.)


The alarms went ding!  The clappers went ring!  

The Grinchy deep in his lair, even started to sing!

It made quite a noise!  

('Cos He had quite a voice!)

And it startled the student Sims, deep from their slumber,

(They had all fallen asleep in class, so you see,  

but when the professor forcefully farted, that was when... it all started.)

Someone shouted "Call 911!"  

Another one said, 

"That's the number!"

And then!  Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise!  Noise!  Noise!  Noise!

The fire it spread, and filled them with dread...  

Would they survive this terrible ordeal?

(Probably they will but, thats what I feel.)


But the problem was clear, the firefighters could not get near.

"Around and around the poor fire trucks go..

Will they get there?  NO! NO! NO!"  6.gif

(That was the grinchy singing his worst, and that was just the flaming verse first!)



The college collapsed and burned,  the firefighers were spurned.

But still they circled... around and around, trying to find their way through the roundabout town.


Now you may think that this is the end of the story!  

But, NO! NO! NO! 

It is about to get more gory.

The Grinchy was not done, he wanted more fun.

So what did he do?  

He made a few more clicks...  

lickety split!

Heh, heh he snickered,

Now they really are in the poo.


Around and around go the poor fire fighters...

Their tummies are rumbling the unfortunate blighters... 

Now they can't get home for any of their dinners...

It looks like they're all about to get thinner...


For a while at least,  things went along and around...  
for in just a short time,
the Sims learned the new roundabout town, 
and used them they did, 
and used them just fine.
Everyone was quite happy, or so it would seem,
but alone in his office, the Grinchy guy looked on, 
sour and unseen.


The Mayor's house looked pretty, 
but way, way down below, 
deep in the basement, 
where mouldy stuff grows,
the Grinchy was leaning back in his chair, 
flossing his teeth with Dalai's Llama's hair...
he pondered and pouted and paced in his lair.
Hour after hour his mind turned quite sour,  
quite unknown to the sims... 
he still held THE POWER!


The police station was all shiny and new,  
recently downloaded, plopped down as the town,
grew and it grew.



At the far end of town,

where the Grickle-grass grows,

and the wind smells slow-and-sour when it blows,

and no birds ever sing excepting old crows...

is a Top Secret Area, along Y-12 street, why is it there?

Ask the Grinch he knows.

And a little further down in a far corner yonder, 

Is something to wonder and something to ponder,

It is a station of power,

A big ole nuke at that, cleverly hidden, (a fact is a fact)

behind a public bus shelter, a road and a flower.

(BTW - the bus shelter smelled of old wee and someones puke.)

Did the sims want to live there?

No they did not!

Even the low wealth Sims said...

Not on your nelly! This place is much too smelly!

Did their complaining at all help, 

did the Grinchy Town Planner consider their yelp?

Nah...  he got mad.

He got terribly mad.

He yelled at the Sims and and created quite a din,

"All you do is yap-yap and say, 'Bad! Bad! Bad!'

And, for your information, you stinky Sims,

I'm figgering on biggering and BIGGERING, and BIGGERING and BIGGERING!



The idea was simple, as it flared in his head,

like a giant teenage pimple.  (That bit, does need to be said).

With a pussy white head, all ready for squeezing,

the idea was evil and pleasantly pleasing.

He looked in the mirror and gave it a tweak,

The idea exploded... (*splat*) ...his best one this week.

"I'll give them a city!"  he sneered and he jeered,

"I can even make the whole damn thing look quite pretty!"



Well, every Sim down in Simville liked intersections a lot..

But the old Grinchy City Planner who worked there did not!

The planner hated the intersections, he hated the lights, 

He hated the lane markings, with all of his might!

To come to a stop light made him grumble - 

whatever the season, there was just no pleasin.

Now please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that his head wasn't screwed on just right.

It could be, perhaps, that his undies were a little too tight.

But I think that the most likely reason of all,

May have been that his plugin, was two sizes too small.

But whatever the reason, his plugin or his undies, 

He pondered and worried for a whole month of Sund'ys.

With a face looking like thunder and feeling quite grim,

He stood there glaring - looking down on the sims.

He was feeling quite hungry and needed a snack, 

So he looked in his cupboard, in the kitchen out back.

And what did he find? That old grinchy city planner guy?

Some old stale fruit loops, 

But the milk had gone sour, so he munched them all dry.

And while he was munching, and crunching and lunching,

He looked at the fruit loops and looked at them some more...

And then...

He got an idea!

An awful idea!





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