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Welcome back to Argolis!

Thanks James and Schulmanator! Maybe we'll hit more airport shots sometime soon.

:D And heres some new stuff, not really sure if its my jam quite yet.

Last weekend I took a trip up the coast of California to do some Abalone diving. From where we parked at the trailhead off Hwy 1 we had a 2 mile hike up a bit of the coast on rocks like this. The tide was way out so it was perfect to get really far off the cove and get some of the deeper abs. Going out to the dive site wasn't too terrible. But in a wet wetsuit and booties, the rocks really started taking a toll on the way back, and the weight belt didn't seem to help either.


So I wanted to add a bit of this excellent coastline to my region. This was my first experience with MMPs and it took me several attempts to make something that looked decent to me. So here up on the northern side of the tile we have the trailhead. This just comes off of a stretch of RHW-3 that runs along the coast. I may reduce that to RHW-2 some day, I'll have to decide when I build the interchange a couple tiles over.


This is the main stretch of the beach. Theres about half a mile south and a mile north that extends to Moat Creek. Moat Creek has only received the rock treatment like this, I haven't gotten around to developing the rest of the riverbed yet.


A little zoom in to where everyone is diving at. The terrain has gotten a bit more rough and you can see the seagrass in the shallow water.

If you're interested, heres a GoPro gif of what I wanted the terrain to look like.


And zoom in a wee bit more and you can see the divers here. They're not supposed to be scuba divers but thats all I had in my plugins folder. Lots of wildlife here!


Of course you have to show off what you catch.

:D Meat removed, banana for scale. :D


Thats all for now. Besides this, all I've been doing is some low density zoning so not too much to show there. Development of the suburbia area is going as planned.


Thanks for visiting!



Welcome back to Argolis!

You may delay, but time will not.

Hey guys, no story to really give you today because I really haven't been playing SC4 enough to come up with any kind of content to provide you with. The time that I have been able to spend playing I've been expanding my CBD as well as the surrounding suburbia...nothing really exciting. Just lots of zoning. I built myself a PC over my spring break and since then have been playing lots of Steam games including SC4! Already accumulated over 60 hours just on this machine.




So over the past year, almost exactly as my oldest picture is from March 21st, 2013 I've built a region with a 1.5 million population. Not too bad for someone who'd had trouble getting a city over 40k for the past 7 or 8 years. Heres a link of the few region-ish pictures that I've taken in the past year. You can see the original region I started with, and then how I changed to the Zurich, Switzerland region. And further growth from there.

And these are the plans I have for the region as of today. That's some RHW 6s running through those tiles and hopefully I can get those cities filled out in the next few weeks. Just barely passed the 1.5 million mark. The blue star is an interchange... I'm not entirely sure where I want the roads to go quite yet, but I'll play with that later down the road.


I've been having a blasty blast with Steam and SC4. I stream SC4 frequently if you ever wish to hang out. A lot of the time Prens shows up to hang and I'll get the occasional chat member as well. :) http://www.twitch.tv/shortsonfire79 ! Next CJ update should hopefully have a bit of story to it but who knows where we'll be headed! And with that, I bid you adieu.

Thanks for visiting!

-If you can dream it, you can do it.-



Welcome back to Argolis!

Shine brighter than the sun

Today, we really don't have much story to follow, so I'm just going to post some pictures from a couple months ago and attempt to catch this CJ back up with August!

So I'll just show you what I've been working on. I'll probably turn this CJ into a WIP thread since I have trouble finishing things and always get sidetracked.

Here's my large city's CBD. The surrounding suburbs are still under development. This is also a fairly old picture as all of the Project Symphony highway was replaced in the last week with mostly RHW 6s.


In the picture above, you can see a nice, lush green area south of the dense high rises. Thats my city's main university: Westbridge University. North of campus, you can see a nice angled road that consists of Greek Row. The fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters don't have to travel far to get their party on. The side of campus that borders the business center is where on campus housing is, with the tall, identical buildings.


Heres another shot of the airport I've been working on. I've been getting some CTDs due to conflicting lots, so I haven't been able to finish this. Needs to have some of the taxiways reconnected across city ties. If you click the image, it'll take you to a highdef .png. It'll probably take a while to load... :/


I've also gone away from working with dense cities and attempted to make a nice farming town deep in the mountains. I'm really happy with the ways its turned out so far. Theres really not much to see yet, but I hope to get this small village to span the small valley in the hills.


And most recently, I've been working on the central city's industrial zone. It used to just be grid after grid of MEGA DIRTY high density dirty industry next to a semi-large container port. Now its a super clean area of medium wealth and also high density dirty industry, with RHW and NWM! You can see the white oil pipelines running across the lower section of the map. Those will run from a southern oil port all the way through the regions new oil power plant and up to the container port.


And as promised in the last update, here is a new shot of the current region. This is just an imgur jpeg. If you click on the image it'll bring you to a majhost high-def version that you can zoom in on.


Thanks for visiting!

-Some pursue happiness; you create it.-



Welcome back to Argolis!

Where life is bright even in the darkest shadows

After landing in the ever busy Chamarath International Airport, our sisters head to the terminal entrance to grab a cab.

Chamarath International Airportairport.png

They find that the cab rates out here in Argolis are extremely high, and instead head back inside to find the quickest public transportation. They found that the Bay Area Rapid Transit (model: San Francisco BART) was quick and ran straight from the airport to the heart of the city. Of course, they weren't headed for downtown, they wanted to go to the 'burbs, but BART ran there too.

Ten car train for Chamarath Airport now boarding, platform three.


The railway passed right by this building, which just so happens to historically be the very first 'high rise' that I have ever gotten to grow. Even though its only 16 stories tall, this is the first building of its class that I have ever had grow in the 9 years that I've had this game!

New beginnings for Shortsonfire79's SC4 gameplay!


After passing through the downtown they noticed a considerable change in scenery. Not far from the massive concrete jungle, they found themselves riding over the busiest roundabout they had ever seen. Cars, cabs, and busses were flying through it like water down a pipe. There stood a giant gold statue of a man, though they weren't quite certain who it was. Possibly a founding father or something.

Rupert Gordon Plaza


After being on BART for well over an hour, they finally get to a station close enough where they could take a cab to their aunt's home, where they'll be staying until classes start in August. A large place, they'll have no problem upgrading to this new lifestyle.

Aunt Charlotte's fancy mansion


This concludes our story following our sisters, for now, until classes start in August. I leave you with a very outdated picture of our region of Argolis. You may notice that there are no hills to speak of. This has changed, and you'll see this in the next update or so.

The old region of Argolis


Thanks for visiting!

-To one who waits, a moment seems a year.-



Welcome to Argolis!

Where the sun always shines and the water is warm.

Throwing out the posh lifestyle of the rich upperclass, our mayor decided that she would live slightly closer to the rest of the population. Of course she chose a nicer community with expensive homeowners association fees.


Sometimes in the early evening, the crowds in the outdoor mall thin and its possible to run to the store without having to shove your way down the footpath.


But in reality, we're not here to find dirt on the mayor or go shopping. We're here to follow the tale of two sisters, Breanne and Rachel Hulland, who just returned from their three week trip to New Zealand. Recently enrolled in the Westbridge University, these two decided to take a break for a while before hitting the books.


We'll have to hear a bit more about them next time.

Thanks for visiting!

-The only goal is improvement-

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