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About this City Journal

The Capitol of Maniruanga - My first designed region

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Just a small update

I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten this City Journal. I've just got the Prop Pox in Maniruanga so first I'm trying to track down the cause, and then I'll have to recreate my cities.


Auros farming district


"chicken pregnancy tests (?!), and Coke but not Diet Coke"

You made my day!

Glad you like it :D


lol, chicken pregnancy tests


did you mean, chicks pregnancy tests? :P

Not unless the chicks you know have feathers xD The package doesn't say how it works, it doesn't seem obvious to me either.


this looks promising, keep up the good work! and can't wait for to see how your big cityes look :D

Thank you I'll try. I can't wait to start on a bigger city, perhaps that should be my next project.

* * *

Another farming district done. This area is also situated in the Franklyn hills.

This will be a smaller update since this is "just" more farmland. But I've tried to create a Mosaic - hope you like it.

* * *


Click for larger image (11,8 MB)

In the most North-Eastern area of the Maniruangarian Capitol region, far up in the Franklyn hills, we find the small town of Auros and its surrounding farmland.


Click for larger image (2,6 MB)

Auros is a small town of ~2500 inhabitants. It is situated on top of a hill and has a great overview of the Franklyn hills.

The area around Auros consists of larger farms than in the Regnar and Franklyn area. Thus the area around Auros contains fewer small settlements. This might also be because there is no Railway in the area so people clump together where there is easy transport access.


Click for larger image (10,9 MB)

Auros and its inhabitants are obsessed with sports. All sorts of it. Compared to the size of the town, they have two soccer fields that are also used for i.e. American football. They have a softball field and two tennis Courts. At the school they also have a basketball Court and the locals are trying to raise Funding for a pool so they won't have to take the trip to the nearest city.

The local school has decided that sports should be on everyones schedule for at least an hour each day and each month they take an entire day out of the calendar and do a great sportsevent. Last week they held an orienteering race combined with all sorts of challenges like moving a filled bucket of water with three pieces of rope. The kids all love it, except the geeks, they are angry they can't find any cheat codes to win or skip these events. They always end up last, finishing a few days later than everyone else even though they got a 2 hour head start.


Click for larger image (4,5 MB)

The most North-Eastern settlement in the region is Kanara, about 200 inhabitants, all working on the surrounding farms North of Franklyn hills. The Franklyn local authorities had some money to spare so they decided that they wanted to beautify Kanara a bit by adding a bike path, playground and a tennis Court, but no one knows how to play tennis, they all wanted a soccer field, but that was out of the question. In order to make everything good Again, they added light posts to the bike path so they could be used at night, but that caused even more fury in the local population. The lights are soo bright and light up peoples homes even with the curtains down. On a brighter node, the food in the local diner is so much better than in the diner in Greater Berylis. People from Greater Berylis actually travel to Kanara to get some decent food.








Click for mosaic in one image (7,0 MB)

My first mosaic. The roundabout connects Auros main road (the road across) with Moa road (the top road) and Franklyn main road (the bottom road). The original plan was that this should be a normal crossroad with a trafficlight due to the amount of traffic, but the local farmers were worried that the red light would harm their crops (silly hicks). The contractor in charge of establishing the roundabout had a special offer. Two roundabouts for the price of three. Auros' authorities couldn't let a deal like that go by unnoticed, so now there is also a roundabout North of the city, connecting Auros main road with Kanara road and Gibria road.


Franklyn and Regnar

YAY! Finished my first city map! Behold Franklyn and Regnar :D


Click for larger image (11,8 MB)

In the North-Eastern part of the region we find Brooks Lake situated in the Franklyn hills.


Click for larger image (3,1 MB)

On the Eastern side of the lake we find a thriving farming community that contains 2 larger Towns (Franklyn and Regnar) with a total population of ~7000 inhabitants. Furthermore 5 smaller villages/settlements are scattered around the area.


Click for larger image (11,2 MB)

The town on the western edge is Regnar, This town has a population of ~2500 inhabitants (about 85 % are from Scandinavia or descendants hereof). In the beginning this town only consisted of the train platform 4 houses and a light pole. As the surrounding area was converted into farmland, migrating farm workers were looking for a place to call home. Regnar quickly became an attractive village to settle down in due to the close proximity to the lake, and the train. With the increase in inhabitants, some retailers opened shop in Regnar which added to Regnars popularity which in the end led to the establishment of the Regnar Flea Market that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Although Regnar doesn't have it's own elementary school, but is sending their kids to Franklyn every morning by the schoolbus, they have their own highschool. Since Regnar Highschool opened, heavy (but harmless) rivalry has taken place between Regnar and Franklyn. Regnar students think they're the smartest, but Franklyn knows they're just a bunch of goofy hicks and that they're the best!)


Click for larger image (3,5 MB)

About half a kilometer East of Regnar by the Franklyn main road, we find the small village of Greater Berylis. A few hundred meters further North we find Little Berylis that consists of 4 houses and a bus stop, this was the original Berylis settlement, but since the Franklyn main road was lead around the village newcommers settled on the main road instead. This village came to be from the workers who weren't interested in living in Regnar, they wanted to live close to their work and close to nature. The diner is a populair stop for travelers and locals, not due to the quality of the food (or lack thereof) but because it is the only place to find something to eat on the Franklyn main road when you're on your way to or from Regnar or Franklyn.

The local police officer and the volunteer firebrigade has their office and garage in Greater Berylis.


Click for larger image (12,6 MB)

At the end of the Franklyn main road, we find the town of Franklyn. This is the largest town in the area and has a population of ~4000 inhabitants. Unlike Regnar, Franklyn was intended to become a town from the very beginning since the local authority overseeing the development of the area needed a place to work from. Franklyn is fond of bikes. They have bike lanes everywhere. No one drives their kids to the local school, which by the way is the only elementary school in the area, everyone is biking, unless they are on their way to work on the farms, then they take the car, bus or train.

From Franklyn two train lines operate, the Western line takes its passengers to Regnar and beyond, the Southern line takes the passengers through Whiteing and out to the coast eventually.

Although all administration in the area is taking place in Franklyn, they don't have a city hall. Everything is handled from the Mayors house on the outskirts of the town and people are happy with that... all 15 of them.

Franklyn has spent a great deal of Money on establishing the Canals that run around the city. Before the Canals, giant trees rose from the areas, and neighbours allways complained about the shade that covered their patios in darkness. Everyone loves this and the Canals are a popular route for joggers and people walking their dogs or their husbands/wifes.

In order to save Money on healthcare there are only two Health Clinics in the area, one in Regnar and one in Franklyn, in order to help the smaller villages and the local farmers, Franklyn builded an airstrip for a paramedic chopper and a plane that is always on standby and ready to assist locals and fly them either to Franklyn or on to a nearby city where the patients can be treated at a hospital.


Click for larger image (3,4 MB)

In the Heart of the area we find the small village of Whiteing. Whiteing is situated on the railroad between Regnar and Franklyn and is a popular train stop for the workers at most farms in the area since most buslines in the area terminate at Whiteing.

The local store Sells everything a farmer needs, fertilizers, chicken pregnancy tests (?!), and Coke but not Diet Coke.


Wind turbines owned by a local farmer near Jaydoc village.

Click for larger image (3,4 MB)

The Franklyn administration is very concerned about the environment and therefore all electricity used in the area comes from local windturbines. The farmers were first very much against it, claiming that they ruined the view from their stables, but when the administration said that farmers could construct wind turbines on their farms, and then let the city purchase the power from them at a good price (or they thought the price was good), everyone loved them.


Click for larger image (3,5 MB)

When you leave Whiteing and then Tribiani nothing but farms remain ahead of you for the next few kilometers. Nothing besides a small airstip from where the local firefighters plane is stationed. Most of the time they polish the tires of the plane and drink a lot of Diet Coke (Wonder where they get that from, they claim they never go shopping anywhere besides Whiteing)

* * *

I hoped you enjoyed the tour of Franklyn and Regnar - I look forward to your comments.

I will create a list of the mods used in a few days.


Region version 3 - final

Finally. I think the map is done.

Played a little with the coastline, rivers and edges to make it look a little more natural.

Also purchased a bottle of fertilizer and went haywire on the mountains, except for on the volcano islands to the south.


Click for larger image (Warning: 9,9 MB)

I've made a new gif to show the changes between the different versions.


Click for larger image (1,9 MB)

I would also like to say thank you to all who commented up until now. Keep'em comming :D

Now! Let's start building!!!


Region version 2

So I've fiddled a bit more with this region, added an extra mountain chain running through the middle of the map, an extra island, tweaking some of the edges. This seems to turn into a great region, still needs some more tweaking here and there.


Click for larger image (Warning: 8,9 MB)

I've made this gif to show the difference between version 1 and version 2. Nothing much besides the mountains and the added island.


Click for larger image (1,7 MB)

I think the level of flatness is good now, Stil want the downtown area(s) to be in a flat environment, or add the hills in mayor mode.


Region version 1

So I've spend a fair amount of hours on terraforming this region and it has resolved in the first version

Click for full-size version - Warning: Somewhat large image (8,7 MB)


Some issues I have found:

  • The landscape is really flat, so I'll try to add more hills
  • The edges between the cities... OH MY GOD THE EDGES!! Anyone have any idea on what to do here? I have spend hours on edges alone to get to this result. In the mountains it's somewhat covered by trees :P but I'm not nearly happy enough with it.

Besides the edges ( :rage:) I am quite happy with the islands to the south, and the coastline from the lower mainland (middle bottom) and I think the meltwater lake in the top also looks quite nice.

But I really need any advice on how to deal with those edges and should I perhaps add more, smaller lakes now or should I do that when I'm building the cities themselves?

Mods used:

Ground texture and Trees: http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=415 PEG-MTP Terrain Mod

Water: http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=48 PEG Water Mod (BluGreen)

Beaches: HD White Sands Beach Mod


Region Design

Allright! Lets' begin!

With no lack of ambition I'll start with a 10x10 large city region.

With my unmatched paint skills I have made this draft of the entire region.

My idea was to make a central city with aprox 1-2 million inhabitants and then have some suburbs and satellite cities scattered around the center of the city.

A main highway will connect the various parts of the region (the areas with most people at least) To make this as realistic as possible I will limit the amount of bridges, especially across the sound in the bottom of this picture. Other means of transport will include a lot of ferries and - if I can find a way to do it - a tunnel across the sound as well.

The main body of water to the lower right will be filled with various sized islands (Denmark consists of +1400 islands and a peninsula so I wanted some islands in here as well - but I might skip the mountains and make them into hills instead.)


If you think you have seen something similair to this region before, then YES! I was very inspired by this region by vigormaster

So, any comments or ideas for this project? :)



Hi there! I'm an old SimCity player who has just decided to make his very first City Journal. Furthermore, This is my first attempt at creating a designed region from the very beginning.


I am a danish 25 years old male who have been playing simcity from the very first version (was bundled with my parents first computer in 1995 ish), then when I got my own computer a few years later I got my hands on SC2000 and I have ever since not stopped playing these games (besides societies... I think I spent about 1 hour in total on the base game and the expansion - Hoped that the expansion made the game better :S )

I fell instantly in love with SC4 from the first screenshot, and all my school books were covered in printouts from the game. My way of playing was allways to make the biggest city possible, but I have never actually finished a project even though I have somewhat 20 regions, only 1 is somewhat complete (a 4x4 large city region).

Over the recent years I have been reading a lot of city journals and wanted to design and create an entire region and making it somewhat realistic in appearance and this is where I am at now.


The name "Maniruanga" originates from a sci-fi book series that I love, it's called "Solar" and the author is "Brian Roland Larsen" (it's only available in danish), this is the name of a planet in the SOL sector (human sector). The name, according to the book, means "Paradise" and is described as being a less populated planet with lots of nature and agriculture mixed with some big cities spread out.

This region is just a generic region on this planet.

I won't build a gigantic multi-level city with hovercrafts and spaceships all around simply because I haven't been able to find any mods for this - or not enough at least.


My idea for this City Journal is to show you the entire process from meta design and all the way to the end product.

I will try to list all the mods, tools, plugins etc. that I have used in the game.

I would really appreciate any comments and constructive critisism that you might have, so feel free to comment :D

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