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Auros farming district




"chicken pregnancy tests (?!), and Coke but not Diet Coke"

You made my day!

Glad you like it :D


lol, chicken pregnancy tests


did you mean, chicks pregnancy tests? :P

Not unless the chicks you know have feathers xD The package doesn't say how it works, it doesn't seem obvious to me either.


this looks promising, keep up the good work! and can't wait for to see how your big cityes look :D

Thank you I'll try. I can't wait to start on a bigger city, perhaps that should be my next project.

* * *

Another farming district done. This area is also situated in the Franklyn hills.

This will be a smaller update since this is "just" more farmland. But I've tried to create a Mosaic - hope you like it.

* * *


Click for larger image (11,8 MB)

In the most North-Eastern area of the Maniruangarian Capitol region, far up in the Franklyn hills, we find the small town of Auros and its surrounding farmland.


Click for larger image (2,6 MB)

Auros is a small town of ~2500 inhabitants. It is situated on top of a hill and has a great overview of the Franklyn hills.

The area around Auros consists of larger farms than in the Regnar and Franklyn area. Thus the area around Auros contains fewer small settlements. This might also be because there is no Railway in the area so people clump together where there is easy transport access.


Click for larger image (10,9 MB)

Auros and its inhabitants are obsessed with sports. All sorts of it. Compared to the size of the town, they have two soccer fields that are also used for i.e. American football. They have a softball field and two tennis Courts. At the school they also have a basketball Court and the locals are trying to raise Funding for a pool so they won't have to take the trip to the nearest city.

The local school has decided that sports should be on everyones schedule for at least an hour each day and each month they take an entire day out of the calendar and do a great sportsevent. Last week they held an orienteering race combined with all sorts of challenges like moving a filled bucket of water with three pieces of rope. The kids all love it, except the geeks, they are angry they can't find any cheat codes to win or skip these events. They always end up last, finishing a few days later than everyone else even though they got a 2 hour head start.


Click for larger image (4,5 MB)

The most North-Eastern settlement in the region is Kanara, about 200 inhabitants, all working on the surrounding farms North of Franklyn hills. The Franklyn local authorities had some money to spare so they decided that they wanted to beautify Kanara a bit by adding a bike path, playground and a tennis Court, but no one knows how to play tennis, they all wanted a soccer field, but that was out of the question. In order to make everything good Again, they added light posts to the bike path so they could be used at night, but that caused even more fury in the local population. The lights are soo bright and light up peoples homes even with the curtains down. On a brighter node, the food in the local diner is so much better than in the diner in Greater Berylis. People from Greater Berylis actually travel to Kanara to get some decent food.








Click for mosaic in one image (7,0 MB)

My first mosaic. The roundabout connects Auros main road (the road across) with Moa road (the top road) and Franklyn main road (the bottom road). The original plan was that this should be a normal crossroad with a trafficlight due to the amount of traffic, but the local farmers were worried that the red light would harm their crops (silly hicks). The contractor in charge of establishing the roundabout had a special offer. Two roundabouts for the price of three. Auros' authorities couldn't let a deal like that go by unnoticed, so now there is also a roundabout North of the city, connecting Auros main road with Kanara road and Gibria road.


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