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Franklyn and Regnar



YAY! Finished my first city map! Behold Franklyn and Regnar :D


Click for larger image (11,8 MB)

In the North-Eastern part of the region we find Brooks Lake situated in the Franklyn hills.


Click for larger image (3,1 MB)

On the Eastern side of the lake we find a thriving farming community that contains 2 larger Towns (Franklyn and Regnar) with a total population of ~7000 inhabitants. Furthermore 5 smaller villages/settlements are scattered around the area.


Click for larger image (11,2 MB)

The town on the western edge is Regnar, This town has a population of ~2500 inhabitants (about 85 % are from Scandinavia or descendants hereof). In the beginning this town only consisted of the train platform 4 houses and a light pole. As the surrounding area was converted into farmland, migrating farm workers were looking for a place to call home. Regnar quickly became an attractive village to settle down in due to the close proximity to the lake, and the train. With the increase in inhabitants, some retailers opened shop in Regnar which added to Regnars popularity which in the end led to the establishment of the Regnar Flea Market that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Although Regnar doesn't have it's own elementary school, but is sending their kids to Franklyn every morning by the schoolbus, they have their own highschool. Since Regnar Highschool opened, heavy (but harmless) rivalry has taken place between Regnar and Franklyn. Regnar students think they're the smartest, but Franklyn knows they're just a bunch of goofy hicks and that they're the best!)


Click for larger image (3,5 MB)

About half a kilometer East of Regnar by the Franklyn main road, we find the small village of Greater Berylis. A few hundred meters further North we find Little Berylis that consists of 4 houses and a bus stop, this was the original Berylis settlement, but since the Franklyn main road was lead around the village newcommers settled on the main road instead. This village came to be from the workers who weren't interested in living in Regnar, they wanted to live close to their work and close to nature. The diner is a populair stop for travelers and locals, not due to the quality of the food (or lack thereof) but because it is the only place to find something to eat on the Franklyn main road when you're on your way to or from Regnar or Franklyn.

The local police officer and the volunteer firebrigade has their office and garage in Greater Berylis.


Click for larger image (12,6 MB)

At the end of the Franklyn main road, we find the town of Franklyn. This is the largest town in the area and has a population of ~4000 inhabitants. Unlike Regnar, Franklyn was intended to become a town from the very beginning since the local authority overseeing the development of the area needed a place to work from. Franklyn is fond of bikes. They have bike lanes everywhere. No one drives their kids to the local school, which by the way is the only elementary school in the area, everyone is biking, unless they are on their way to work on the farms, then they take the car, bus or train.

From Franklyn two train lines operate, the Western line takes its passengers to Regnar and beyond, the Southern line takes the passengers through Whiteing and out to the coast eventually.

Although all administration in the area is taking place in Franklyn, they don't have a city hall. Everything is handled from the Mayors house on the outskirts of the town and people are happy with that... all 15 of them.

Franklyn has spent a great deal of Money on establishing the Canals that run around the city. Before the Canals, giant trees rose from the areas, and neighbours allways complained about the shade that covered their patios in darkness. Everyone loves this and the Canals are a popular route for joggers and people walking their dogs or their husbands/wifes.

In order to save Money on healthcare there are only two Health Clinics in the area, one in Regnar and one in Franklyn, in order to help the smaller villages and the local farmers, Franklyn builded an airstrip for a paramedic chopper and a plane that is always on standby and ready to assist locals and fly them either to Franklyn or on to a nearby city where the patients can be treated at a hospital.


Click for larger image (3,4 MB)

In the Heart of the area we find the small village of Whiteing. Whiteing is situated on the railroad between Regnar and Franklyn and is a popular train stop for the workers at most farms in the area since most buslines in the area terminate at Whiteing.

The local store Sells everything a farmer needs, fertilizers, chicken pregnancy tests (?!), and Coke but not Diet Coke.


Wind turbines owned by a local farmer near Jaydoc village.

Click for larger image (3,4 MB)

The Franklyn administration is very concerned about the environment and therefore all electricity used in the area comes from local windturbines. The farmers were first very much against it, claiming that they ruined the view from their stables, but when the administration said that farmers could construct wind turbines on their farms, and then let the city purchase the power from them at a good price (or they thought the price was good), everyone loved them.


Click for larger image (3,5 MB)

When you leave Whiteing and then Tribiani nothing but farms remain ahead of you for the next few kilometers. Nothing besides a small airstip from where the local firefighters plane is stationed. Most of the time they polish the tires of the plane and drink a lot of Diet Coke (Wonder where they get that from, they claim they never go shopping anywhere besides Whiteing)

* * *

I hoped you enjoyed the tour of Franklyn and Regnar - I look forward to your comments.

I will create a list of the mods used in a few days.


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