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The city of Evestown

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It's the eve of Evestown's (lol) 100th Birthday, and citizens are more than proud! Tonight, the city has been looking especially beautiful...

Below is Hydrangea Bridge, the result of the population explosion that took place in the mid 80s to late 90s. It's about to get especially busy since citizens want to go downtown and party!


Even people in the suburbs are throwing parties! Usually the lights would be out by now on most houses! The city is spectacular and lively tonight!


It's 1 AM and people are still driving into downtown from every section of the city! You would be lucky to be living on one of the island suburbs, as the bridges are congested and hectic as people come in from the other suburbs off the island!


Hotel rooms are booked and the marina is lit up!


A new hotel has opened and tonight is its first night open. Every single room is taken! It is called, "Majestic City Tower", and is the tallest building in Evestown. The people of Evestown are very pleased.


It's now daytime, and the celebrations and partying are yet to end! Even the stingy city government has splurged a little bit and decided to reward its well behaved citizens with a new football (soccer) stadium! It's right in the middle of downtown and the city is planning on participating in many more sporting events and putting together official teams!


The city of Evestown is happy and content, today has been a nice day for the people of Evestown.


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Welcome to Evestown, the alpha+ city of its beautiful nation which is located between Japan and Hawaii! Before we get started, let's play this music!

Below is the main Business District of Evestown, "The Cherry Blossom" The people of Evestown named it that because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and surprisingly very quiet. The Cherry Blossom district is one of the largest and most important business districts in the world.


This is the Evestown Stock Exchange, one of the most important buildings of Evestown! It was completed in 2004, but with a city growing as fast as Evestown... workers are already pressed for space.


This is Victoria Bridge, the most elegant place to sit down by the flowers, listen to the ocean waves... and watch the wealthy scramble in and out of one of the only residential buildings in the Cherry Blossom District.


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