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Vistalegre International Airport

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First of all, I will put here the links of the buildings in last update, that some people asked for:

Hope this helped!! ;)

TekindusT: Thank you!!! I'm trying to do a realistic CJ inspired in Spain, so I try to include all those other "less known" parts of Spain, like the outskirts of the cities, for example.

art128: Thank you!!! :golly:

Benedict: Thank you!!! As you may notice, I used LE for guardrails, cars, lights, roadsigns and the noise barriers.

ggamgus: Thank you!!! You wasted two hours of your life crying at the beauty of it :D

Jacob Guajardo: Thank you!!! :golly:

Mithrik: Thank you!!!

longtimepcgamer: Of course!! Look above ;)

zimmie: Thank you too!!!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!!!

lesgaz: Thank you!!! The links are above

TowerDude: Thank you!!! :golly:

grstudios: Thank you!!! As Huston said, those are eye-candy lots ;)

Huston: Thank you!!! Don't say that! Your CJ is amazing! I love that "different places of the world" theme.

packersfan: Thank you!!!

DanPeterson: Thank you!! Links above ;)

XAVIERIOS: Look in the links!! :golly:

titanicbuff: Here's the link: but those are just props, you must use LE first to place them in lots.

Now we finished with last update's replies, we continue with today's update. I usually don't post two updates in the same week, but I had this project started when I posted last, and I had time to end it yesterday, and this week there have been many airport updates here in ST: Shushtrepistaz, Hiroshima and Atarashima, for example. So, here is Vistalegre International Airport... Fasten your seat belts because we are taking off!


Vistalegre International Airport (IATA code: VGR) was built in 1969 in a place 20 km. away from the city centre to replace the old Villamartín Airport, whose runway was too small for new aircraft, and too close of the new developments of Vistalegre. After years of improvement, it now has two large terminals, four runways and it handles almost 50.000.000 passengers per year (2011), making this airport the largest in the country.

But first, let's take a look at the map where we should park the car and what terminals we have to fly from and to Vistalegre: (it's my first attempt of doing a map using Adobe Illustrator, so be kind please)


So we start going to Terminal 1, the first to be built.


Terminal 1 is divided into 3 parts, 1A, 1B and 1C. The first to be built was 1A in 1969, then it came 1B in 1978, and finally 1C in 1990. In 1993 there was a major revamping project and that's why all Terminal 1 looks the same in all its buildings.

Terminal 1A: It hosts several companies that use short and medium-haul aircraft (B737s, A320s). Almost all low-cost airlines are here (Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Berlin)


Terminal 1B: It's larger than the other two parts, and it has two parallel concourses where gates are placed. In this terminal we find mainly short and medium-haul aircraft, and different companies like British Airways or SAS use this terminal. In front of the terminal a hotel was built in the late '80s.


However, west concourse has gates for larger aircraft, such as A330s, B767s and B787s.


Terminal 1C: This terminal is a concourse built as an annex to the terminal 1A. It was made to provide space for large long-haul aircraft, such as B747s, B777s and A340s. This is the smallest of all Terminal 1, and now, with the opening of Terminal 2, many long-haul flights have been moved there.


The terminal 1 from the inside...



Now we go to Terminal 2. Terminal 2 was opened in 2005, because the Terminal 1 was overwhelmed with so much air traffic. Two buildings were built, the Terminal 2 itself and the Terminal 2S, a satellite building.

Here's a pic of Terminal 2 main building. An elevated train was built to communicate both terminals 1 and 2.


The main building is where the domestic and short-medium haul flights depart and arrive. The satellite building is the place for long haul flights. The satellite terminal can serve up to 20 wide-body aircraft at the same time, including 3 A380s, largest aircraft in the world. main and satellite buildings are connected by an underground people mover.


Here is a mosaic of the whole terminal 2:


A pic of the interior...


As I said, there are 4 runways in the airport: 27L, 27R, 36L and 36R. Here's a pic of an Airbus A340 approaching the 27L runway:


OK, we are done with the airport, but now let's take a look on the two major airlines in Nueva Iberia:

Aeroimperio: Founded in 1932, it was the state company until it was made private in 1995. Here's the logo:


It has a fleet of around 300 aircraft. It has regional flights (Embraer ERJ aircraft), domestic and medium-haul flights (Airbus A320, A319 and A321) and long-haul flights (Airbus A330-200, Boeing 777-200, 777-300ER and the brand new 787-8 )Here is one of the newest planes, a Boeing 787:


Surair: Surair is the second largest airline in Nueva Iberia, and it was founded in 1971. Here's the logo (Sorry Sabena, you no longer exist :D )


Its fleet consists of 145 aircraft, most of them for domestic and medium-haul flights (Airbus A320 family, after 30 years using MD80s) but it also has long-haul flights (Airbus A330 and A340). Here is an Airbus A320:


Both airlines have their hubs in the Terminal 2.

Hope you liked this update, and sorry for my crap photoshopping :D

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Recommended Comments

I LOVED this update!

Your tour around the airport was so comprehensive, filled with great information and great pictures!

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Wow! The amount of custom details and content is astonishing! I salut your skills.
It's the little things that make your CJ unique, and for that I envy you: for example, the yellow markings for public transport; the edited lots with your content added to it; Your entire modding collection for sidewalks, roads and buildings. Someday, when I'll try to experience with BATing I would surely get inspiration from your CJ. ;)
And don't worry about the photoshopping and Illustrator stuff -- It's good.

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Definitely one of the best airports I've seen in SC4, keep up the great work! It's full of life too, something many others forget airports are!

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Hi mate I was wondering as this such an outstanding airport would you be able to post a full scale pic of the airport? you see I want to draw this exact airport and place it into my cityscape picture becuase when it comes to airports I am shockingly bad...



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I love the way you mixed these LE roads with the ploppable airport parts. Great job here. Wish you could show us a mosaic that would be even sexier! You have one of the most originals airports in the community by deciding not to use the regular AC terminals. BTW I'm an airport $%&^!, where did you get the terminals and the Elevated rail in the very last pictures of terminal 2 ? Looks Japanese but not sure about that. I really like how you used that one. As you're using lot editor, I would have added more people props to the entrance of the airport, looks like it's closed, no tourist coming out to have a great time in Nueva Iberia and nno one leaving the country or going back home. But that's just details. Keep up the good work !

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[color=#58534B][font='Open Sans', Tahoma, Geneva, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3][img]http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/733/bestofthebestsmall.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/color]
[i][b][font='comic sans ms', cursive]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/2774/entry-18216-week-11-91012-91612/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [color=#0000FF]TRANSPORTATION[/color][/font][/b][/i]

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^ I don't remember exactly where, but check out the aircraft packs in the STEX and LEX, just search for 'airbus A330', I guess you can find it this way.

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