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3. V� a San Carlos and Plaza Nueva




TekindusT: Thank you!! I remember that CJ too, and some Dutch themed ones he did (and he's still doing), one of the best CJs I ever seen.

elavery: Thank you!! :golly:

SimCoug: Thanks!!

golpes_secos: Gracias!!

ghgsdsghg3: Gracias!! Son lots propios, vamos que no están en ninguna página. (they are custom lots, they aren't in any site)

jose555jose5553: Son lots propios.

Fox: Thank You!! :golly:

City Builder9111: Thanks!!

Bluthlucidity: Thank You!!! :golly:

Mastof: Thanks!!

Hazani Pratama: Thank You!

Markus J: I tried to do so. Thanks!!

dzekins: No, those are lots and traffic are props, search for VIP Team and shk parking props to get them, but you need LE to place them.

hahei: Maybe I'll release them, but they are some problems: 1) Too many dependencies. 2) Other sidewalk textures (e.g. Maxis white) would look weird with those lots. 3) They are non functional. 4) They are not modular. If you want them, you can PM me, but I don't know the dependency pack names.

city89: The Reichstag, by Debussyman, available on the LEX (SC4Devotion.com)

colco2121: with a lot of patience :D

Simul8ter8: Thank you!!

Well... let's start with update 3. This update is shorter than the previous one, but for next update I have a big project in mind :P

OK. Today I'll show the Vía San Carlos (St. Charles Way), one of the largest streets of Vistalegre, that starts in the Imperial Square. You will probably remember the Cancillería building from last update, shown in this pic too:


In this avenue a lot of cinemas and theatres were built, but now, many of them have been converted into cafés and shops, but some of them still survive, like the Cines Hollywood (what an original name :sly:), shown here in the corner.


Another pic of the avenue.


In the middle of the avenue we find the Plaza Nueva (New Square), with the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, built in the mid '50s, and the tallest building in Vistalegre until the late '60s. It's still imposing...


In the 2000s, a transport hub was built in the square, known popularly as "el barril" (the barrel) for its singular shape. The Dirección Central de Correos (Central Post Office) building (the white in the corner) was built in 1932, and it was the tallest building at its time too.


Here is a closeup of the pedestrian streets leading to Plaza Nueva.


BONUS PIC: This is how the Plaza Nueva looked like a long time ago... :P


Credits to Gonzalo1234 (at Capitalsimcity.com) for the Plaza España and Telefónica buildings, great Madrid BATs.

...And that's all for today, guys!! Hope you like it :golly: and don't forget to rate!


Recommended Comments

Holy hell! This is friggin amazing! The lotting is superb and makes the city look very realistic.
btw, where did you get that big building at the 4th picture?

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Evillions said word for word what I was going to say and ask :P

Keep it coming, it's flawless :)

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So real! So vivid! So spanish!
You got yourself another loyal follower! This blew me away... the attention for details, especially the ped malls... You owe to the world to reveal where did you get that lovely alley with the chairs&plants median.

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not my style but rly rly awesome work. even without having read a single word of your texts or knowing the city's name everybody should know it's a spanish one. great work.

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Amazing work. It's somewhere between the Plaza del Sol and the Plaza de España, very reminiscent of both.

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I must also ask what is that beautiful building in picture three? And I would also like to say once again a true masterpiece has been created by you. Truly breath taking.

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This is amazing! How did you get the road in this picture[img]http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/4287/plazapequea.jpg[/img]and how did you get parking on the side of the road here[img]http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/4654/ministerio.jpg[/img]

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I'll ask something we're all curious to know: what IS that massive building and where did you get it? Is it purely fictional or is it based off a real edifice? It looks like quite a few large public structures from the 50s. Almost Soviet. And the Post Office too, that's a beaut.

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What an amazing and realistic city.
Lotting work is really well done especially in the streets and zebra crossings. The selection of buildings is perfect
for this kind of city (maybe more iberiada set buildings could increase the variety). Long time I didn't see these Gonzalo buildings in a CJ and you put them in a good use. And as TekindustT said your style is similar to Kelis.
You really do a great iberian city.

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